Top voted model of Fresh Faces India – Simranjeet Singh


Meet Simranjeet Singh, Top voted model of Fresh Faces India! He is passionate about modelling, fashion & photography, he is also hardworking and ambitious. Read on to find out how he became one of our top voted models!


Modelmanagement: Congratulations on being the top voted model in your country! How have you managed to get so many votes? Any cool strategy?
Simranjeet Singh: Thanks a lot for selecting me for the top voted model category.
When I started getting votes I was at the first place in my country, then I realized that I should keep my votes till the end. So I spread my voting link to my fans and they helped me to get more votes.

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MM:How long have you aspired to become a model and when have you decided to focus on making it a career?
SS: It started when I was 20. My hobbies and my interest for clothing and photography have led me to my passion for modelling. Since then I started to focus on my modelling career.


MM: What do you believe is the key success to becoming a model?
SS: I believe that modeling is an Art. Before becoming a model we should become Artists with creative minds.

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MM: Do you have any plans for your future career as a model?
SS: I have big plans for my future career as a model. I want to become a Top International Fashion Model in the fashion industry and promote some reputable fashion firms abroad.

MM: How long have you been a member on and what brought you to our modeling community?
SS: I have been a member for more than a year. After being registered at Zara clothing brand they suggested me to open an account on I must say that I’m pretty satisfied with that deal now.

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MM: What has been your greatest or most memorable modeling achievement?
SS: Well my greatest achievement was to win the top voted prize for the Fresh Faces India 2015 contest.

MM: Do you have any advice to share with other aspiring models on our platform who may want to pursue a ‘top voted’ model title?
SS: I just want to say that they should take their time. Go for genuine things and please avoid fake deals. Don’t panic for the competition, because you will only waste your time. Be positive and follow your dreams, but do it step by step.


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