Model Industry

Sep 6

(English) Chasing Beauty – a new documentary about the complex world of modeling – Coming soon!


(English) Likely to be the best fashion movie of the year! Chasing Beauty shows the dark side of a complex world of modeling which is usually associated with fame, beauty and money. Showing interviews with Supermodels, Photographers, Agents, Designers, Plastic surgeons, Make-up artists and Psychologists!

Aug 16

(English) Top 5 most paid models of the moment!


(English) They’re on the covers of Vogue, Walking the runway for Victoria’s Secret, and shooting editorials for high fashion brands. But how much money do Gisele and the other girls actually make?

Aug 7

(English) Eurasia Frs & Their Hottest Lingerie Spot Yet!


(English) Who said that Victoria’s Secret is the only hot lingerie out there? Check out this hot lingerie spot by Eurasia Fashion Related Services and you will change your mind too!!

Jul 25

(English) Pirelli Calendar :The Artistic Celebration of Female Beauty


(English) The Pirelli Calendar is the ultimate expression of female beauty! Take a look at our selection of artistic nudes featured in the calendar from 1964 to 2012.. and don’t miss out on iconic shots of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford!

Jul 10

(English) American Apparel & Their Oldest Model Yet!


(English) Enough of unexperienced half-naked teenage models! Meet Jackie, American Apparel’s oldest model yet!!

Jul 6

(English) The Rise of Transgender Models & Unisex Modeling


(English) Fashion has always been about women’s wear and men’s wear, female models versus male models.. but there are a few models out there that are rocking the scene of both women’s and men’s wear shows and those are Unisex & Transgender Models.. Check them out!

Jun 26

(English) Models taking Business into their own hands


(English) Models and supermodels certainly do have a love connection with fashion design! Here are some models who took business into their own hands creating their very own fashion collections!

Jun 13

(English) Fashion New Faces: Girls worth keeping an eye on!


(English) During New York Fashion Week this year, fashion editors and industry professionals sat front row showing great excitement when new models waked down the runway. goes over some of the girls who the fashion industry is keeping an eye on!

Jun 8

(English) Secrets shared at Vogue Festival 2012 Models Debate


(English) One of the moments of the Vogue Festival 2012 was a chat between some of the most successful and beautiful models today. They shared their deepest secrets and the emotions they had while modeling since a young age. They talked about the glamorous and demanding fashion world, with good and bad, easy and hard moments they got in order to strive to reach and stay on top. They reveal…

Jun 6

(English) Models Vs Celebrities: The Fashion Battle


(English) Models are being almost knocked-out of print works and it seems there is only space for celebs. But why is that?

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