Jun 27

(English) Let’s talk about modeling with Jay Jay Models!


(English) What model agency is one of the top in Germany, who has scouted over 300 models and is based in Berlin? Keep on reading to find out some great news about Jay Jay Models.

Mar 27

(English) Who will be the Face of Africa Germany?


(English) The Face of Africa is holding a contest for African young ladies who are based in Germany! 22 beautiful ladies are in the running to becoming the Face of Africa Germany but only one can be the winner..

Dec 22

(English) From street to store – how a woman from toulouse transformed graffiti art with girly dolls


(English) From street to store, Miss Van has transformed graffiti art as we know it and recently moved to Barcelona, where she has collaborated with local fashion designer Anaoana. Little by little, they have fused together their two visions…read more to see the end result.

Jan 26

(English) Jan – New Face from Fresh Faces!


(English) Jan already came to Fresh Faces Germany 2010 with his first model experiences under his belt, and he knows how to show off his good side. A male model who’s a perfect fit for any kind of commercial or sport shooting. And also on by the side of a beautiful women he cuts a fine figure!

Dec 30

(English) Meet Eleonora Germany’s female Fresh Faces winner!


(English) Elenora’s amazing face and her ability to move and act in front of the camera’s eye convinced the photographers, and then she impressed the jury with a great walk and a strong personality; she definitely had everybody in the palm of her hand.

Nov 22

(English) Interview with the FRESH FACES 2010 finalists from Berlin Their thoughts, their experiences, their emotions


(English) We had a little chat with the German Fresh Faces finalists Eleonora, Jan Niklas, Armin, Charlotte, Jan and Astrid who told us about the contest, the final and their day in Berlin.

Nov 3

(English) FRESH FACES 2010 Germany!! Berlin’s uber-cool final event and winners!


(English) After a really short night the participants of Fresh Faces 2010 Germany started their trip to Berlin – excited, full of expectation and with the intention to show off their best side. Meanwhile in Berlin the whole production team met at the location – the Stattbad Wedding and there everybody was speechless. This was due to the incredible 6.000 square metre settings.

Oct 7

(English) FRESH FACES 2010 Berlin – latest news


(English) After a sizzling summer searching for the most talented Fresh Faces in Vienna, Barcelona and Paris, we now turn our watchful eyes on the next generation of hopeful models on the fashion forward streets of Berlin this October.

Aug 30

(English) Fresh Faces 2010 – Finalists Germany!


(English) The finalists will participate in both Fashion and Swimwear shootings, under the watchful eyes of the jury. They will make the all important final decision and select the two models with the most potential to start modeling internationally and be the Fresh Faces 2010 Germany!

Mar 10



(English) It’s Official! Modelmanagement.com has launched its premier International modeling competition FRESH FACES 2010! In Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Vienna – find out the latest news and updates for each city right here on our blog.

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