Apr 20

(English) The Model Queens of Rock-Chick Style!


(English) If there’s one style that will never disappear it has to be the Rock-Chick style! It’s cool, it’s strong, it’s crazy and I love it! So let’s spend the next few minutes celebrating this style and looking at some of the coolest Rock-Chick queens in recent history!

Oct 6

(English) Dewar Studios – London: From Photography, To Modeling, To Acting!


(English) If you – like us – are passionate about photography, modelling and acting, you will love this fascinating
look inside the industry as we get to talk fashion, style, photography, modeling and acting with London
based Dewar Studios.

Sep 29

(English) Make-Up Artist James Clark On Beauty, Make Up & Photoshop Etiquette


(English) Do you like beauty? Are you passionate about make-up? Do you dream of starting a career as a make-up artist?

Sep 23

(English) The 10 Best Collections of London Fashion Week S/S 2012


(English) You really have to turn into a kind of Speedy Gonzales in order to keep up with the velocity at which the fashion season flashes past your eyes. Lucky here at modelmanagement.com we all have speedy Gonzales’ hats, so we caught up just about in time with the 10 best collections of London Fashion Week S/S 2012.

Aug 31

(English) MADNESS – When Fashion Meets Art


(English) Lovers of art, jewellery and Latin American fashion and art icon Frida Kahlo are in for a treat thanks to a collective of designers based in Jakarta who through a series of collaborations are giving birth to some of the most exciting art/fashion pieces ever.

Aug 22

(English) Fashion | Trends 2011 | V Is For Vintage Bride


(English) If you are a bride to be forget Vera Wang or Vivienne Westwood; this season it is all about vintage

Aug 18

(English) Über Stylish Couture Swimwear From Brazil | Adriana Degreas S/S 2011 – 2012


(English) *WARNING: After seeing the images in this post, you will never look at your bikini with the same eyes* RIP the bikini. Here comes couture swimwear!

Aug 12

(English) Guys That Rock | Talking Fashion & Style With Chris Ford


(English) Style and fashion – just like beauty – are not conditioned by gender. Guys can be just as passionate about fashion and as stylish as the most fabulous of girls; and one of our favourite examples of guys who absolutely rock is the lovely Chris Ford.

Jul 29

(English) Talking Fashion & Style With Fashion Designer and Stylist: Suzanne Ford-Carafano


(English) We are oh so excited at modelmanagement.com today as we get to have a fashion and style conversation with one of the most inspiring and iconic girls ever! The fashion powerhouse, trend setter, super stylish, creative and truly inspiring woman behind Spanish Moss –a fabulous online fashion destination– and American Gold, one of the hippest and coolest new labels from the USA.

Jul 28

(English) Modelling: The Height Issue | Can I Be A Model If I am Short?


(English) The height question is one that we hear often in the fashion industry and, believe it or not, it is one of the biggest misconceptions stopping lots of potential models from having a successful career in the model industry. Success is possible…

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