Jul 9

(English) The Beauty of Bulgaria – Krasotata na Bulgaria


(English) From Varna, to Plovdiv, to Burgas, Bulgaria has some gorgeous models in this year’s Fresh Faces contest.

Jul 8

(English) Five Minutes With… Jodi Gardner!


(English) With our Fresh Faces Competitions underway and alot of model appreciation going on, we thought we’d seek out the Photographers, Designers and other Industry Professionals that we think are brilliant and deserve attention too! Five Minutes with… shows you people in the industry that you should know about!

Feb 27

(English) Meet our Modelstyle Contest Winner – Gert Vahemäe!


(English) Gert Vahemäe is the second winner of our Modelstyle Contest on modelmanagement.com! Check out what this amazing model has to say and what makes this model a very special person!!!

Feb 20

(English) Our favourite fashion bloggers around the world this month


(English) If you´re not sure what to wear or how to combine pieces in your wardrobe, you can get inspiration from some of our favourite fashion bloggers of the month. Choose your favourite one and follow their fashion and style tips!

Feb 14

(English) Interview with model Elizabeth winner of Modelmanagement Modelstyle Contest!


(English) Interview with model Elizabeth-Winner in our Modelstyle Modelmanagement.com Contest. Discover the story of a model, who works hard for her dreams! And don’t forget to follow our contest!

Apr 20

(English) The Model Queens of Rock-Chick Style!


(English) If there’s one style that will never disappear it has to be the Rock-Chick style! It’s cool, it’s strong, it’s crazy and I love it! So let’s spend the next few minutes celebrating this style and looking at some of the coolest Rock-Chick queens in recent history!

Oct 6

(English) Dewar Studios – London: From Photography, To Modeling, To Acting!


(English) If you – like us – are passionate about photography, modelling and acting, you will love this fascinating
look inside the industry as we get to talk fashion, style, photography, modeling and acting with London
based Dewar Studios.

Sep 29

(English) Make-Up Artist James Clark On Beauty, Make Up & Photoshop Etiquette


(English) Do you like beauty? Are you passionate about make-up? Do you dream of starting a career as a make-up artist?

Sep 23

(English) The 10 Best Collections of London Fashion Week S/S 2012


(English) You really have to turn into a kind of Speedy Gonzales in order to keep up with the velocity at which the fashion season flashes past your eyes. Lucky here at modelmanagement.com we all have speedy Gonzales’ hats, so we caught up just about in time with the 10 best collections of London Fashion Week S/S 2012.

Aug 31

(English) MADNESS – When Fashion Meets Art


(English) Lovers of art, jewellery and Latin American fashion and art icon Frida Kahlo are in for a treat thanks to a collective of designers based in Jakarta who through a series of collaborations are giving birth to some of the most exciting art/fashion pieces ever.

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