Apr 21

(English) Style | Festival Fashion 2011 | 50 Key Pieces


(English) Spring/Summer is finally upon us and with it comes festival season! With the biggest summer festivals around the corner, it seems about the perfect time now to start planning what to wear to the hottest live catwalk of the year.

Apr 15

(English) Model Radar | Riley Keough


(English) Elvis may have left the building but ladies and gents, we still have something of his; meet – if you haven’t already – his fabulous granddaughter: model Riley Keough…

Apr 14

(English) Vintage Supermodels | 5 Iconic Videos


(English) Here are 5 iconic vintage supermodel clips that give us more than a sneak peak into the making of a fashion icon. As the videos clearly show, it’s not only the supermodel’s looks, fashion and style …

Apr 8

(English) CK one Ads | Defining Generations


(English) Fancy feeling a little bit old? Take 17 years off your current age and that is exactly how old you were when the last generation defining CK one ad was launched, targeting the youngsters. I know! Ouch right?

Apr 7

(English) Fashion | Trends 2011 | Little Red Riding Hood


(English) -’Who’s that I see walking in these woods? Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood!’ Ah, who can forget supermodel Natalia Vodianova in ‘Into The Woods’; a fantastic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ inspired editorial, photographed by Mert & Marcus and published in Vogue US back in August 2009…

Apr 1

(English) VERGI | Futuristic Fashion On Demand


(English) Whether you are looking for a classic dress with an avant-garde touch or a downright stunning futuristic one-of-a-kind fashion piece, VERGI is the place to go.

Mar 29

(English) Fashion’s Ultimate Weapon | The Bullet Bra


(English) During the war military women of lower rank were fitted with uniform underwear. Advertising at the time appealed to both patriotism and the concept that bras and girdles were somehow ‘protection’.

Mar 25

(English) Fashion | Trends 2011 | Ethnic Chic


(English) Crochet, ethnic prints and patterns and native American jewellery are everywhere this season but they seem to come with a new modern twist this time, which is rather cool. Proenza Schouler did a great job reinventing the cowboys and indians look….

Mar 16

(English) Fashion Inspiration | ‘Tangled’


(English) Here are some amazing eye candy hair pieces to satisfy fellow hair fetishists like moi. Oh, and if you are stuck for ideas on movies to watch give ‘Tangled’ a go. You can always come back and join me at obsessing with hair pieces afterwards…

Mar 9

(English) The 10 Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week A/W 2011


(English) ‘So the spray paint can met the lace dress and they lived happily ever after’ – Shame that we can’t say the same about Thomas Maier’s muse, a dark, circa 1960’s lady with a mission. A mission to kill. The collection feels very ‘Mad Men’ meets ‘Hitchcock’…..

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