Oct 22

(English) Fashion & Style Tips: Talking Fashion With London Stylists Anna & Carly


(English) We are all oh-so-exited at MODEL MANAGEMENT.COM LONDON as now Stylists and
Make-Up Artists can also be part of our huge international fashion network! YAY! :)
To celebrate, we had a fashion & style chat with super hip British Stylists and Vintage
Fashion lovers: Anna Bosworth and Carly Temple, the fabulous super stylish dolls
behind: Yes Brian You Look Terrific!

Oct 20

(English) Looking Back To The Future: Hussein Chalayan’s Transformer Dresses


(English) Forget Marylin skirts that lift up with the wind, if you always wanted a dress to impress
Hussein Chalayan is your man. I will never get over those amazing transformer dresses
that he did back in 2007 for his SS collection.

Oct 8

(English) Anything Goes When It Comes To Shoes? – Dung!


(English) Ah, what to do with a box of full of elephant dung, some stilettos, pearls and beads, hey?The 10 inch beauties were created by UK artist and designer Insa and were inspired by the art of the dung-master Chris Ofili and his elephant dung art pieces from the nineties, which were displayed at Tate Britain in a retrospective of the artist’s work earlier on this year.

Oct 1

(English) Vive Le Drama! – ‘Mother Russia’ Ziad Ghanem SS 2011


(English) Last season he stunned us at London Fashion Week with a catwalk show full of drama that culminated with Burlesque superstarMiss Immodesty Blaze hypnotizing us all with the sensual wiggle of her hips…

Sep 17

(English) Food As Fashion: A Matter Of Taste?


(English) Aha. You heard right, I mean food as in nom nom nom stuff, I am not just referring to a cute pair of coconuts as a bra. Food as in proper grub is being used as fashion lately by photographers, artists, designers, etc who want to make a statement with it.

Sep 16

(English) So Long Birkin, Hello Beckham! – Is VB’s Bag The New It Bag?


(English) It was old news that Spice Girl, turned bona fide fashion designer: Victoria Beckham was working
with Katie Hillier on a new bag collection to be unveiled, along with her latest Spring 2011 collection
at New York Fashion Week this season. The news is that the new Victoria Beckham bags, are absolutely fabulous!

Sep 10

(English) A Virtual Fashion World? Have A Looklet!


(English) Didn’t we all dream with having our own digital wardrobe too? Well, I did! So you can imagine my face when, a while ago whilst looking for
a piece by a hip Swedish designer called Josefin Strid, I landed on Looklet.com the closest thing we have today to the utopic digital wardrobe from ‘Clueless’, but only better…

Sep 9

(English) Nevermind Barbie, Rootsteins Are The Real Fashion Dolls!


(English) Did you know that the best mannequin company in the world makes its mannequins out of casts of real supermodels? And that it has been doing it since the swinging sixties?

Sep 3

(English) Hazardous Runways! Treacherous Catwalks! – When Models Fall Flat


(English) Now imagine that you are a model. Hair, done. Make up, done. Clothes & styling, done.Towering high heels, on. Music on. *Your name* and GO!

Sep 2

(English) From Model To Beauty Queen: The Models in Miss Universe 2010


(English) Having not watched a beauty pageant in at least 10 years and being of the opinion that beauty pageants are tacky, old fashioned and uncool, I stumbled upon the Miss Universe contest last week and out of sheer boredom I decided to watch it. And surprise-surprise… There’s models in there!!!

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