Vivienne Westwood at Milan Men Fashion Week: A Homeless Frosted Scottish Safari with a Standing Ovation


The most original and outgoing show (as far as I have seen) was definitely of Vivienne Westwood. She got her inspiration from the street, from Africa, from Jack Sparrow, and of course a bit of Britain. Even before the show started Vivienne had a message to send out. All visitors were given an anti climate change water canister that said: Act Fast, Slow down, and with cardboard boxes covering the runway, people were very curious what to expect from the upcoming show. I got a backstage preview, where I also got some nice shots of hair & make-up.





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Let the show begin!! Here’s the video I made of the opening of the show.

The models had frost on their face and in their straight up punk hair. This was to resemble the cold and rough conditions that is faced by one of the themes of the show: being homeless. These homeless models were wearing sweaters with holes, a sleeping bag constructed in a sweater, a guy walking the catwalk with a supermarket cart, one model was carrying 2 supermarket bags and so on. As convincing as they looked,  I think it wouldn’t take long for these guys to find a warm place to stay..


The homeless theme was integrated in a lot of outfits, but there was also room for other themes featuring plaid, safari outfits, pirates and even a cowboy. Every look was unconventional. One of the Safari outfits had glittering high socks  and red gloves, the pirate was a sparkling Scot with orange shoes and there was a pair of diamond pattern leggings with holes in it. It was a multi layer mixture of styles all put together in one outfit. You’d think this would end up in a big mess, but it absolutely worked! I could try and start talking about colours and fabrics here but there’s no point, from sheepskin brown to patent orange, Westwood had it all.



The models could freestyle their way on the catwalk. Guys were acting fights, poses were open to their own liking, and one model went to the floor on the middle of the runway and was picked up by the next. There was so much to see, from start till end the audience was in full amazement. At the finale, Queen Vivienne was brought out on the catwalk on an ambulance stretcher and she got a standing ovation and a big round of applause. See the finale video I shot here.

Bravo for Westwood! Now let’s go snowboarding, D&G has just the right outfits for the trip..

Source of pictures: Irene’s little camera jeje,,,

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