We were all once NOBODY! Can you guess which famous models these kids turned into?


All of us were once young, cute and unknown…or maybe even unsightly.  Supermodels of today are no exception.  Now they are the divas of magazine covers, the muses of desginers and photographers, the ones in the spotlight with fame, fortune and beauty but they had also once been…just little girls proving that we were all once nobody.

So now, quiz time!

Here are the childhood photos of some nowadays supermodels. See if you can identify some:

Supermodel No.1

Supermodel No.2

Supermodel No.3

Supermodel No.4

Supermodel No.5

Supermodel No.6

Supermodel No.7


Now let´s check the answers…how many have you got right?  Take a look at how these supermodels grew out of their little girl caprices and became what they are now, how they made their first impressions in the industry and how they succeed with their talents and hard work!


Supermodel No.1: Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Yes, there was once a day when Kate Moss wasn’t the supermodel she is today. The truth is,  Kate was actually met with some resistance in terms of her position in the modeling world because of her small stature.

When talking about his first impressions of Kate, the UK Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman remembers:

“The first time I saw Kate Moss, I did not think she was beautiful. It was during the New York fashion shows of 1992 and she was a slight, bow-legged, mouseyhaired urchin with attitude.”

However, there is definitely something about her that makes her shine later in this business where it´s not so easy to make your name known.

Gene Lemuel, the photographer who is credited with discovering the great treasure, commented on the supermodel quality of Kate as follows:

“Her smile. Her eyes—I mean, very vibrant, but with this kind of ancient gaze. She was pretty young and innocent at the time, but even then there was a knowingness, a cunning. It was compelling. And she had this unbelievable poise, too—when I shot her, I took some pictures of her getting out of a cab, and the way she holds herself, you’d figure she was already rich and famous. She just seemed like a star.


Supermodel No.2: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

She’s one of the sexiest Victoria’s Secret Angels you’ve ever seen. She’s an Australian supermodel with beautiful face, fabulous body and charm of a catwalk queen. She knows how to rock a runway and how to win your heart with her natural and youthful beauty.

From an Australian small town girl to where she is today,  Miranda revelas that her secret for success is hard work and a balance between her job and family life. Despite the huge success she has achieved today, the Aussie Angel is surprisingly humble and sincere about her growth:

“I still feel like the same person, in every way – it is just some of my surroundings have changed and there are lots of new people in my life,” she says, adding that “I’m doing my job just like everyone else is doing their job.”

Thus she stands out with her pure quality in a world of glamour and fame – “I am focused on what I am doing [modeling] and still feel like I have a lot to learn. I always enjoy trying new things and exploring new opportunities.”  Maybe this is exactly Miranda´s private recipe for success.


Supermodel No.3: Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

One of the top 5 most paid models of all time,  regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women by numerous publications… the Brazilian model has proved that a young girl can succede with opportunity and hard work.

Leandro Carvalho, the Equinox fitness guru who has sculpted a slew of celebrity physiques, praised without reservation the protagonist of his favourite success story:

“When Alessandra was pregnant she gained forty pounds. She had her baby in September by C-section, and she had to be ready to be in a show in lingerie in November. Because of her C-section she couldn’t run, or squat, or do sit-ups. So she walked a lot on the treadmill at a 50 percent incline, and we did a lot of floor work. She also needed to cleanse, so I put her on the green and white diet: leafy green vegetables and white protein like chicken, fish, and egg whites. She worked out two hours a day, seven days a week, and she lost all the weight. ”

Alessandra´s advice to aspiring models: “Believe in yourself. Listen to the photographers you work with and try and be professional”!

Check out this video!


Supermodel No.4: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

She is a “busy bee” – energetic, restless, and forever on the go. Her active mind is always buzzing with ideas and she  sometimes finds it difficult to relax or slow down.

The artist and photographer Richard Phillips who cooperated with her describes her as:

“She’s so powerful, really an entity, in a way. You meet her and there’s a generosity of spirit and very friendly and easy manner, and then all of sudden, the lights go on, and you realize you’re working with this absolutely extraordinary person who’s capable of creating these powerful images.”

This is the Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima – How did she become what she is today?

Check out this video! 

Lima makes us understand that supermodels are not about a pretty face and a nice body. It always takes more than we see at the surface.

“Adriana works really hard at it. It’s the same as if you were a long-distance runner,¨ says Sophia Neophitou, the British fashion editor, “It isn’t about being a waif, it was about being empowered and you can achieve that.”


Supermodel No. 5: Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

“Didn’t like her; Found her very Barbie-like.”

It might be rather hard to believe that this was the comment that the nowadays supermodel received from the casting director Douglas Perret (who shot the very first Polaroids of today´s supermodels) before she became famous.

Candice herself also talks about how she was a skinny, awkward and not-so-confident girl before her Victoria’s Secret debut.

Check out this video!

But thanks to the model scout Kevin Ellise, Candice was spotted at a Durban flea market in her home country South Africa. Apprently in his eyes, Candice was nowhere near a common girl: ¨It was like… honestly, like a beautiful flamingo walking past my shop. The way she walked past just did it for me.”

Now we know, he made a right decision.


Supermodel No.6: Liu Wen

Liu Wen

As the standout and pioneer of the Asian models,  she is the first model of Chinese descent to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

From a small town girl to the runway Muse in Milan or Paris, Liu Wen realized her big city dreams with faith, perseverance and luck.

However, no one was born a supermodel. Huge success comes with great efforts.

“When I was a teenager, I never imagined that one day I could become a model. After I started, I tried to read a lot of magazines, saw films related to fashion. I still remember distinctly when I was in front of the camera for the first time, I had a very difficult time posing properly. Admittedly, I was very shy. But I see everything as a different form of education and I always try my best to gain more confidence.”

Today, she is the confident model bringing the Asian beauty to the international stage.

” First of all, she loves fashion, she also knows the dressing. This is my first impression of her. ¨ Evaluated designer Jean Paul Gaultier, ¨also is that I like her circulated that sense of confidence and a bit of innocent. I like that kind of strong, unique girl, Wen Liu is this girl. ”

For Liu Wen, it´s only the beginning. ¨I will shoot as long as I can.”


Supermodel No.7: Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

Aged 25, the Australian beauty has already joined the ranks of the world’s top supermodels. With her natural quality and doll-like appearance, she quickly became the face of numerous brands and the choice of many designers.

Vivien´s Chris Fox, who signed Gemma to Vivien´s Model Management, still recalls her first impressions of Gemma Ward.

“She was surreal,” she says, “beautiful, very European, wide-set eyes, angelic, not a skerrick of makeup.”

Even the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld has called her “a great model,” claiming “she has the look of the moment, the attitude of the moment. She is really the model of the moment.”

Yes, Gemma Ward is back!



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