Week 6 of the Fashion Photography Contest: Girls are back in the race!


It’s the end of week 6 of the Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012 Contest by NotJustFashion.net and Vimity.com, and finally after 3 weeks of boys ruling the scene, girls made their comeback!

This week’s winner is Nicole Kotrbova from Prague!

Nicole is new to fashion photography, as she started shooting models less than a year ago in July 2011. Although photography has always been a part of her: “It lives inside you as an independent part, being stronger than your mind making you just GO AFTER IT”. And she did go after it indeed!

What initially attracted Nicole to  fashion photography was her love for the clothes, the materials, and how they shine in the light defining who we are. Her fashion point of view is definitely personal, and her photographs really do define who she is.

We were really pleased to spot out Fresh Faces 2011 winner Sita in Nicole’s shots for the brand Lady Marshmallow. The vintage feel and styling really do give a strong feeling of what the brand is about. Tumbs up Sita & Nicole!

The competition keeps getting harder and harder week by week, and we cannot wait to see who the Photographer of the Year 2012 will be! Vote for your favorite photographer  and see him or her go to the finals with Joanna, Polly, Ofer, Sasha, Daniel and Nicole!