Where can I get those swim suits? Interview with the fashion designer of the Fresh Faces final in Paris


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I just came back from the Parisian Fresh Faces Final where I was witness to those amazing pictures from photographer Jana Hernette’s photo shoot. Apart from the comments on the models, the first question I hear is “Where can I get those Swim suits!”

So I have decided to interview Aurélie Garcin, the designer of those fab creations to satisfy my female friend’s curiosity… and also maybe, to satisfy mine!

Name, age, nationality: GARCIN Aurélie , age 25 , French

GARCIN Aurélie

How did you start in the fashion industry?

I have always been passionated by art, design and fashion, I decided very young that I wanted to become a stylist.

I had a French A level of Arts and I entered the famous fashion school Esmod International where I got my styling degree with a speciality in New Couture.

At the begining of 2008 I started working for Sandro , I was a dressmaker there for 2 years just before leaving for the cote d’azur.

model: Josephine

Why did you decide to design swimwear? Where’s your inspiration from?

I felt that I was ready to start my own creations and as I was living in St-Tropez, I was surrounded by the sea, sun… the swimwear was obvious.

We can see in my collection, different ethnic influences coming from my mixed origins.

I try to show the best from the woman wearing my creations.

I don`t want to limit myself in terms of creativity, I elaborate my swimwear as I would do a painting, instinctively.

model: Jessica

Why did you accept to work on the Fresh Faces contest?

By participating in the Fresh Faces final, I saw the opportunity to take part in a new experience and take the chance to show off my new collection to real fashion professionals.

Did you enjoyed the experience?

It has been fabulous and very rewarding as much on the personal side than the professional point of view, with an amazing team and lovely participants.

model: Marcie

How would you describe the woman wearing your creations?

My brand ” AÜRUM ” has been created for a sensual, glamourous and elegant woman with a touch of eccentricity.

A woman who assumes her body and loves seducing.

model: Lèa

What is the price range of your swimwear? and especially WHERE can we buy them?

The prices go from 90 to 200 euros .

The creations are not yet for sale but will be commercialised in 2011, you can make an order by contacting me directly on: [email protected]

model: Margaux

We want to thank you for sharing your creations with us.

I to would like to thank all the modelmanagement.com team for this great opportunity. It has been a pleasure to work with you!

The feeling is mutual, Thanks Aurélie!