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spin model management

Spin Model Management was founded in 2007 by Philipp Brugger and Maik Tangel, both of whom have been in the business for over a decade. Within the first 24 months, Spin became one of the top talent management companies in Germany. Spin has always provided its clients with a selection of models based on quality over quantity as well as very personal and individual talent management. With approximately 70 men and 70 women, Spin's board is composed only of very carefully selected models. As a result, Spin represents some of today´s most prestigious models like Eniko Mihalik, Mackenzie, Michael Gstöttner, Cole Mohr and Matt Loewen, Hollywood actress Gal Gadot, all in addition to being mother agency to Lars Burmeister, one of the best earning male models in the world.

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Main photo by Christoph Klutsch, Model: Fel Cassieli