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Fresh Faces Contest

Inga Raduga ETM Management

Inga Raduga ETM Management - young, dynamical - developing agency for short enough term, thanks to efforts of professional management, has perfectly proved in work and has taken one of the lead position in the market, despite a rigid competition. Name Inga Raduga ETM Management has received thanks to the leader and the main ideologist which is Inga Raduga.

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Nuestras preferencias

  • Tipos: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Género: Female
  • Rango de edad: 16 para 25
  • Altura: 173cm / 68" para 188cm / 74"
  • Pecho: 80cm / 31" para 115cm / 45"
  • Cintura: 58cm / 23" para 80cm / 31"
  • Caderas: >= 86cm / 34"
  • Countries: