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Fresh Faces Contest

Kathryn L Rizzitello

Available for work in:

  • Toms River, Estados Unidos

Natural light photographer. Multi-genre and incapable of being labeled. Fun loving and relaxed. I have been working with photography for as long as I can remember and decided to put my passion to work. I am also a professional model and have plenty of experience to draw from on the other side of the lens, too! I’m a strong believer in photos not looking forced, but a model doing what comes naturally to them. Believe me when I say it shows! I enjoy shooting and I want whomever I am working with to enjoy the shoot as well. I do not heavily Photoshop images- I am a photographer, not a Photoshop artist. Booking with me means not only do you get a photographer and images, but you also get full consultation, idea discussion and mood boards, and if desired- wardrobe assistance and pose coaching! If you don’t care how dirty or messy you get, or you love to run around, climb on things and have fun- hit me up! Tattoos? Piercings? Crazy hair? None of the above? Not a problem! I shoot every one; every style- and I will always only shoot within your comfort level! Are you another fellow model-tog? Hit me up! I love collaborating and shooting sets of each other. GeekGoddess? I'm approved! Let's get our cosplay on! I adore shooting outdoors, and doing on location shots, but do have an in-home studio as well. Abandoned buildings, woods and conceptual ideas are my favorites- and I'm always hunting for new ideas. Are you a clothing, shoe or jewelry designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, or wardrobe stylist? I’d love to hear from you! My rates are beyond reasonable and I will work to fit your budget! Not near me or unable to come to me? Not a problem! I’m typically traveling in the NJ-PA area and for the right price or client; I will happily come to you! My schedule varies on occasion, but as of right now: I’m available weekdays from 5pm-10pm and weekends. My time is as precious as yours- I don’t tolerate flakes! I won’t chase you down if you stop messaging me. New to modeling or an old hat but feel better with an escort? That’s totally understood. All I ask is that you let me know- and you only bring one! More than that and it gets distracting! Model Release forms are required to be signed with every shoot. *Please note for use of my in home studio: I have an entire room dedicated to my studio space, complete with changing area for client use. I do have cats. As any pet owner may know, fully keeping animal fur from an area is near impossible. Please inform me of any allergies prior to shooting. If this is an issue, I have a studio available in Shrewsbury. *I do not, under any circumstances, shoot male nudes or pornographic material (spread legs/insertions/sexual scenes). Do not ask me. *For safety purposes as well as personal preference, I do not allow alcohol or recreational drugs on my shoots or property. If you partake, please do it another day. If it is found you, or your escort, partook before or during our shoot, you will be asked to leave. *Please do not let the fact that I am also a model intimidate you! I use this fact as another facet of being able to help you! I fully believe in the mindset of helping one another, not competing against each other. Goals: To create amazing, creative images. To create images that tell a story. To have all parties have fun on a shoot. To be published in mainstream magazines (i.e. sold on newsstands) To have a published coffee-table book. To be able to continue to have my passion be my main line of work.

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