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Fresh Faces Contest Rules

   1) TO PARTICIPATE IN THE “FRESH FACES 2013” CONTEST YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS    Females – Aged between 16 and 22 with a minimum height of 5.7 feet (173 cm)

   Males – Aged between 18 and 24 with a minimum height 5.11 feet (182 cm)

   2) CREATE A PROFILE ON MODELMANAGEMENT.COM TO BE PRE-SELECTED    If you do not already have a profile on, you will need to create one.    You can do this by clicking on “Sign up” and selecting either New Face (Aspiring model) or Professional model. The fields we require you to complete in the registration form are of the utmost importance in determining your candidacy to be pre-selected. It is important that you complete the form with the most accurate data in relation to your height, measurements, and your age. If you currently have a profile on you should review and update it to ensure that all of your information is accurate.

   3) UPLOAD / UPDATE YOUR PHOTOS    In order to be pre-selected it is necessary for you to upload your top 4 photos that you think reflect you in the best way. It is essential to have one close-up picture (natural, without make-up) and one body shot in bathing suit. In the other pictures, it is best to show your best smile… And the more pictures, the better. The pictures have to be recent, digital shots and they don’t necessarily have to be taken by a professional.

   Premium models will have the benefit of displaying 4 pictures on the voting page while all other models can only show 1.

   Please be aware that by entering the contest your Polaroids will be on show to all visitors to the website and not only professional members.

   For examples of the type of shots we will need in order to pre-select you, please click on the link below to get tips on selecting your perfect picture.

   If you do not have any photos and you still want to participate in this contest, you should consider attending one of the’s photo sessions, please click the link below

   Please note: This is an optional service provided by and not a requirement to enter the contest. This is an optional service and by choosing this service it will not automatically qualify you OR disqualify you from the contest. Even if you choose to use a photographer please note that this will not have any impact on your pre-selection.

   - Date of birth
   - Your height and other required measurements
   - Your address and phone number
   - The names and phone numbers of your parents in case you are a minor.

   5) HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE BEEN PRE-SELECTED?    If you have been preselected to take part in the Fresh Faces 2013 contest, you will receive a confirmation email by within 7 days from your application.

   6) WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM PRE-SELECTED?    The online voting system for the Fresh Faces 20123 contest is open to anyone who visits To increase votes, you have to invite your friends and family to vote for you and share your profile on Facebook trying to collect as many votes as possible!

   7) HOW CAN I BECOME ONE OF THE FINALISTS?    The finalists will be selected by a panel of experts from ModelKarma and who will take into consideration the total number of votes as well as other additional criteria. You have to be available to attend the castings and the grand final and above all... you have to be really motivated to become a model!

   8) WHAT CAN I WIN?    When a contest participant is selected to be a Fresh Faces USA finalist they will be invited to the grand final in New York where they will have the chance to interact with fashion professionals, as well as walk the Fresh Faces USA 2013 runway.

   The Fresh Faces team of fashion professionals will consist of make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, and fashion stylists who will transform them into a professional model.

   The two finalists, one male & one female, selected as the winners of the Fresh Faces USA 2013 contest will become the faces of and for 2013 and will be provided with global exposure on our web platform in order to provide them with maximum exposure in their new career.

9) EXCLUSIVITY Please be aware that you may not be able to be contacted through except by the agency or company that is sponsoring this Fresh Faces contest for a limited time period of time while the contest is open. This will be at the discretion of the agency or company sponsoring this contest.

Terms and conditions

Legal Notice for’s Fresh Faces 2013 contest

Participation in the Fresh Faces Contest requires your acceptance of the below rules.

A. If you are a minor, the below rules must be accepted by your parent or guardian on your behalf. Persons under the age of 14 years are not permitted to participate in the Fresh Faces Contest.

B. You must create your profile on the website in order to have the opportunity to be pre-selected for the Fresh Faces Contest. Please go to, click on “Sign Up” and select “I’m a new face (aspiring model)”. After creating the account you will be able to proceed to your profile.

C. By participating in the Fresh Faces Contest, you (or your legal guardian if you are a minor) acknowledge that you are currently not subject to any contract that does not allow the publication of your image, your participation in the Fresh Faces Contest or in any form of promotion associated therewith.

D. You represent and warrant that you have the requisite rights to any images you upload and that the image is a recent picture of you and not of someone else. Any content uploaded by you shall comply with all applicable legislation, and respect all third-party rights.

E. You (or your legal guardian if you are a minor) hereby grant the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to display your pictures free of charge on’s websites (or those of any related entity) and to use the information in your application such as name, city, pictures, biography, and all other information provided in connection with the Fresh Faces Contest, to promote the Fresh Faces Contest and’s websites worldwide without previous notification or consultation. You hereby waive any legal rights to claim any monetary compensation for the use of your name, voice, image, measurements, biography and/or quotes used in connection with the Fresh Faces Contest worldwide. The rights under this Section shall be granted to for a period of 3 years from the date of your application for participation in the Fresh Faces Contest.

F. You shall indemnify and hold harmless from and against all actions, including damage claims, asserted by other users or third parties against resulting from an infringement of their rights by such content. You assume all reasonable costs incurs due to an infringement of third party rights, including all reasonable legal-defense costs. All other rights of, including the right to claim damages, shall remain unaffected.

G. If you are selected as one of the 10 finalists, you hereby authorize to publish your name and biography and to use your image to market the Fresh Faces Contest, including on different websites and press media which are going to relay information on the Fresh Faces Contest.

H. You agree to respond to any requests for additional information by, its business partners, or any of their employees or interns in a timely and accurate manner. Furthermore, you agree to cooperate with any media communications, interviews, quotes, and to participate in any events as reasonably required by for purposes of the Fresh Faces Contest.

I. If you are the eventual winner but are found to have violated one of these rules or the general terms and conditions of, you may be disqualified from and may have to forfeit any prizes associated with the Fresh Faces Contest.

J. You (or your legal guardian if you are a minor) acknowledge that the application has been completed in a truthful and accurate manner.