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Fresh Faces Contest

Allessan V.

Available for work in:

  • Bilbao, Spain

Hi there! I'm a young photographer (27) though with 10 years of experience already. I've won some photography prizes and exhibited my work here and there. But nothing to really get excited about, to be honest :) I'm not on the more commercial side of the things when it comes to my personal work, so... People get to me when they want something different, special and intimate. My style keeps always evolving, though. What you can see here is a slice of the work and style I'm working on lately. But I've worked in studio for many years, shooting in both B&W and color, with pretty advanced retouching techniques for color correction and skin healing. The usual commercial beauty stuff the clients expect. And in fact, I still do that now and then, when I feel like it. But for simplification purposes, I show you the more personal samples here so you can know me a little bit better. I'm also into portraiture if you fancy doing that. I travel a lot. Across Europe mostly. Looking for inspiration and beauty, like-minded photographers, and some fun, why not. I might release a photography book out of those travel photographs :) Don't hesitate to reach me if you want to work together, share experiences or whatever you like.

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