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Fresh Faces 2015

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Sharing model's personal style with the world!

Post your style!

ModelStyle shows off your latest trending look! Simply post a photo of yourself in your coolest street style and title your photo. Inspire the modelling community with your ModelStyle!

What should I post?:
  • Photos showing your personal fashion style
  • A clear full body length photo
  • A title that explains your style
No studio or commercial photos! Your photo may be removed by our moderators if the guidelines are not followed. Devam
  • Outfit of The day Model: Giuliana Sharbani
    Giuliana Sharbani 1 {"cat":13,"brand":"Stradivarius ","shop":"","id":"7855","pos_y":196,"pos_x":148} 2 {"cat":11,"brand":"Zara","shop":"","id":"7856","pos_y":287,"pos_x":153} 3 {"cat":20,"brand":"Converse","shop":"","id":"7857","pos_y":334,"pos_x":150} 4 {"cat":2,"brand":"Alviero Martini","shop":"","id":"7858","pos_y":200,"pos_x":191}
    Giuliana Sharbani Posted by Giuliana Sharbani | Model | Turin, Italy Oct 7th | Comments | 4 items tagged Hide tags
  • Urban Model: Arijana Sandfort
    Arijana Sandfort 1 {"cat":20,"brand":"Asos","shop":"","id":"7851","pos_y":608,"pos_x":328} 2 {"cat":10,"brand":"cunda","shop":"","id":"7852","pos_y":390,"pos_x":382} 3 {"cat":22,"brand":"American Apparel","shop":"","id":"7853","pos_y":444,"pos_x":377} 4 {"cat":25,"brand":"Lozza","shop":"","id":"7854","pos_y":99,"pos_x":319}
    Arijana Sandfort Posted by Arijana Sandfort | Model | Cologne, Germany Oct 7th | Comments | 4 items tagged Hide tags
  • My style Model: Yanira Vilar Parra
    Yanira Vilar Parra Posted by Yanira Vilar Parra | Model | Cartagena, Spain Oct 7th | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • cuco style Model: Rene Štrukelj
    Rene Štrukelj Posted by Rene Štrukelj | Model | Basel, Switzerland Oct 6th | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Colonel Mustard Model: Ruxandra Ioana
    Ruxandra Ioana 1 {"cat":34,"brand":"Chicwish","shop":"http:\/\/www.chicwish.com\/mustard-chic-knitted-longline-cardigan.ht","shop_url":"http:\/\/www.chicwish.com\/mustard-chic-knitted-longline-cardigan.ht","shop_text":"www.chicwish.com\/mustard-chic-knitt...","id":"7843","pos_y":254,"pos_x":308} 2 {"cat":26,"brand":"Wholesalebuying","shop":"http:\/\/www.wholesalebuying.com\/product\/women-new-fashion-korean-s","shop_url":"http:\/\/www.wholesalebuying.com\/product\/women-new-fashion-korean-s","shop_text":"www.wholesalebuying.com\/product\/wom...","id":"7844","pos_y":212,"pos_x":265}
    Ruxandra Ioana Posted by Ruxandra Ioana | Model | Brussels, Belgium Oct 5th | Comments | 2 items tagged Hide tags
  • Going Out Style Model: Ieva Pocytė
    Ieva Pocytė Posted by Ieva Pocytė | Model | Vilnius, Lithuania Oct 5th | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • BohoGrunge Model: Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee Posted by Amanda Lee | Model | New York, United States Oct 4th | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • GRXY Model: Ruben Neto
    Ruben Neto Posted by Ruben Neto | Model | Lisbon, Portugal Oct 4th | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Country onthe city Model: Carmen Abogo
    Carmen Abogo Posted by Carmen Abogo | Model | Edinburgh, United Kingdom Oct 3rd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • mi sueño siempre es hacer modelo Model: johanna crasto
    johanna crasto Posted by johanna crasto | Model | Valencia, Venezuela Oct 3rd | Comments | 0 items tagged

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Main photo by Christoph Klutsch, Model: Fel Cassieli