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  • Gloria's feeling blue Model: Gloria Jane
    Gloria Jane 1{"cat":6,"brand":"'Nut' from Ibiza","shop":"","id":"63","pos_y":307,"pos_x":204} 2{"cat":23,"brand":"Cazeldonia","shop":"","id":"64","pos_y":516,"pos_x":165} 3{"cat":5,"brand":"Zara","shop":"","id":"65","pos_y":599,"pos_x":220} 4{"cat":2,"brand":"Bimba and Lola","shop":"","id":"66","pos_y":530,"pos_x":236} 5{"cat":25,"brand":"Ray Ban","shop":"","id":"67","pos_y":115,"pos_x":240} 6{"cat":18,"brand":"from Moroccco","shop":"","id":"68","pos_y":184,"pos_x":206}
    Miyelle Karmi Posted by Miyelle Karmi | Model | Barcelona, Spain 19-09-2011 | Comments | 6 items tagged Hide tags

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