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10×10 Exposure contest winners November

New month, so this means it’s finally time to announce the November winners of our 10×10 exposure contest.

I know first-hand how important exposure is in order to become a successful model. Depending on this, you will be able to be seen by top brands and photographers from around the world. So you need people to start seeing your profile and knowing about you, but it turns out that it is not exactly an easy thing to do.

As we know that becoming part of the industry can be something difficult, last October, we launched the 10×10 exposure contest to help models gain visibility.

So, how does it work?  During 10 months, every month we will pick 10 winners who are going to be exposed in all our channels, ALL of them. In total, the winners will be shown over the following channels:

  • 1.2M models via email
  • 204,348 brands and photographers via email
  • 244,683 followers on our Facebook page
  • 208k followers on Instagram
  • 900k blog visitors

Wait… I’ve done my homework: in total, the winners will be sent to 2.7M people. Pretty awesome right?

Ok, so now that you know what the 10×10 Exposure contest is, let me introduce to you the November winners (I’m becoming a professional in hosting awards😁).

The  November winners are… – drum roll please

Karina Ban Tanglehair


Kelsey Pierson

Olympe Roxy

Hiago Cardoso

Grace Karijodikromo

Gabriella Silva Dias

Fatmé Noureddine

Christopher Jeansson

Ana Catalina Colon

So that was it for the November winners. Congratulations to the 10 models!

If I were you, I won’t think twice and I would enter the contest. Who knows, maybe next month I’m writing your name here. I hope so!

You can enter the 10×10 Exposure contest only through Facebook Messenger.

➡️ Click here to enroll for the December 10×10 Contest ⬅️




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