10×10 Exposure contest winners October


I know first-hand that if you want to become a model, you should have in mind the exposure. Depending on how you manage this eight-lettered word you’ll be able to work with top brands and photographers from around the world.

I could tell you that having a good portfolio and taking care of your social networks is enough.

SPOILER: it is not. 

You need people to start seeing your profile and knowing about you, but it turns out that it is not exactly a piece of cake.

You can try to develop a social media strategy to get more views to your profile, but honestly, extra help wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Yep! I know it and that’s why I wanted to tell you some good news.

ModelManagement.com has recently launched the 10×10 exposure contest to help models gain visibility. 

So, how does it work? For the next 10 months, every month we will pick 10 winners who are going to be exposed in all our channels, ALL of them. In total, the winners will be shown over the following channels:

  • 1.2M models via email
  • 204,348 brands and photographers via email
  • 244,683 followers on our Facebook page
  • 208k followers on Instagram
  • 900k blog visitors

Wait… I know that you don’t want to use the calculator right now, so I’ve done my homework: in total, the winners will be sent to 2.7M people. Pretty sick right?

Ok, so now that you know what the 10×10 Exposure contest is, let me introduce to you the October winners (I’ve always wanted to host some awards😁).  

The October winners are… – drum roll please (is there a drum emoji? I can’t find it?)…

Instagram: @janiita___

Danial Williams 


Tatiana Kaz
Instagram: @kaztati

Dominique Bandi
Instagram: @theycall_me_god

Liisa Näykki

Gianluigi Rodrigues
Instagram: @gianluigi_rodrigues

Sofia Manolakou
Instagram: @sofia_manolakou

Rokas Visockis
Instagram: @7r7o7x

Alina Gorcenco

Wissam Jaber

So that was it for the October winners. Congratulations to the 10 models!

If I were you, I won’t think twice and I would enter the contest. Who knows, maybe next month I’m writing your name here. I hope so.

You can enter the 10×10 Exposure contest only through Facebook Messenger.



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