Fresh Faces winner Sita and contestant Mikel’s editorial shoot for Spotlight Magazine!


Photo by Nicole Kortbova

Surprise Surprise!! Nicole Kotrbova, talented photographer and winner of and Not Just Fashion‘s Phtographer of the Year 2012 contest not only ended up winning the competition thanks to her staggering number of votes, but had the chance to shoot her very own editorial for‘s Spotlight Magazine! And guess what? The selected models for the shoot were Fresh Faces 2011 winner Sita and contestant Mikel!

Photo by Nicole Kotrbova went on-set the day of the shoot to see such amazing talents working together and we were very happy to see the level of professionalism and commitment of all the people involved!As for every shoot, Sita and Mikel were immediately pushed into hair and make-up to have their beautiful features highlighted from a professional make-up artist while at the same time the stylist Luis Miguel and photographer Nicole Kotrbova were deciding what clothes to feature in the shoot.

Instagram Photo on @Modelmanagement by Valeria De Luca

Instagram Photo on @Modelmanagement by Valeria De Luca

The end result was really great and the styling by Luis Miguel was amazing!

Mikel at Work! (Instagram Photo on @Modelmanagement)

Instagram Photo on @Modelmanagement

Sita at Work! (Instagram Photo on @Modelmanagement)

Watching Mikel and Sita during their shoot definitely justified their presence at the Fresh Faces 2011 Final as it was clear how comfortable they felt infront of the camera and also posing together!

Photo by Nicole Kotrbova

Photo by Nicole Kotrbova

Nicole’s beautiful editorial will be published in‘s Spotlight Magazine and one of the shots will be featured in the magazine cover making really proud of their models!!

Great job Nicole, Sita and Mikel!!