5 easy Halloween costumes, step by step!


Soon it will be here again: Halloween is just around the corner… Do you have your costume ready?
Well, we all know most of us look for last-minute costumes, but.. how to make them look amazing? Don’t worry if you’re struggling to find the perfect one! Halloween is the perfect time of the year to be someone else, maybe your favorite movie character, a bloody vampire… You can be so many different things!

Your costume can be amazingly creative, shockingly frightening and attractive. No one will judge you because “It’s Halloween!“. The only important thing is to be unique!

I collected some great costume ideas for you to impress your friends with.  Take a look and be amazing on Halloween as well!

The Ice Queen

I am totally obsessed with this Halloween look. This costume includes some “cold glamour” and fright at the same time. Would you like to know the elements of this look? Sroll down and check it!


Ice Queen

The most important thing that you need for this costume is a pair of black sclera contact lenses. Please make sure that you get these lenses from specialized shops. The health of your eyes shouldn’t be ruined just because of a great look! Never worn these before? Don’t worry! We leave you a tutorial of how to insert and remove black sclera contact lenses.

Once you have your lenses in, you can put some big fake eyelashes too! Below a video tutorial for beginners!

The makeup includes a white foundation which covers all the face and neck (and even the visible parts of your body – depends on the outfit you wear – such as arms and hands or legs). After you are done with the foundation it is time to put on  a “Ferrari red” lipstick and your eyes with a black eyeliner.

When you’re finished with the make-up, it’s time to do your hair! For the most dramatic look, create a messy bun and spray it with some white colored hair spay. Here it is, you are done!

picContact lenses    Makeup   Eyelashes   Lipstick    Hair spray    Outfit


A Bit of Vintage

If you’re a fan of The Great Gatsby movie, this costume will be your favorite one! The concept is really similar, get the Gatsby look then mix it with some black and white horror make up.

Vintage inspired Halloween costume


Things that you will need for this costume: a pretty dress, a fancy fake fur collar, an elegant necklace and headband… ohh and a wild red lipstick. Grab these things, put them on and Madame Death has arrived!

blog post fanni 2


The Freak

Firstly, the character Edward Scissorhands came up to my mind when I saw this costume. Furthermore, it also has some skeleton effects because of the mouth make up. Well, Scissorhands or Skeleton…I still like it and the fact that it only needs two main elements to make it’s even better! You just need to find a black laced chemise and some black trousers.


Skeleton Make-up


This is the perfect Skeleton make-up tutorial for you to look terrifying!

Comic Book Girl

This make-up got the “Most Creative Idea ” award from us this year. Not surprisingly this idea caused some huge buzz on the internet, you can find many tutorials of it. The process of this make up is not the easiest one but it’s worth to give it a try.


Pop art make up


How? Check the video

Sugar Skull Beauty

So… you don’t want to be a totally different person this Halloween… Alright, I got something for you too!


Sugar Skull Make up

Forget the white color and use a simple foundation which matches your color (or choose a tone little bit lighter). Make a beautiful make-up on half of your face then grab the black color and paint a skull on half of your face. Here we are, the make-up is ready. Now, there is only two things you are missing: a gorgeous flower headband and a pretty dress. Get them and be the Beauty of the Night!

Have a look at this make-up tutorial and follow the steps!

Which one is your favorite?
Or you already found out some other costume ideas?

Share them with us!


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