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Once you have a look at 5W, you will see that this blog isn’t like the rest. It’s special because it was born from the passion of two friends who share not only a love for fashion, but also a particular way of living, without sound. 5W is the first blog for deaf people as well as everybody else, with subtitles and sign language.  Luana and Alessio felt the need to overcome the limitations of communication finding a way to share their style and their advice through video tutorials with sign language and subtitles, to open their world to everyone, without exception.

Luana De Caro

Luana De Caro

Why is it called 5W ? It’s a response to two-way, because fashion always answers five questions, as well as objectives of their blog.

Alessio Convito

Alessio Convito

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Alessio and Luana put together, for all deaf aspiring models, a video and an article about Fresh Faces 2014, contest in which Alessio decided to be part of! You can vote him here!

Alessio Convito, now also model for FreshFaces 2014

Alessio Convito,  blogger and Fresh Faces 2014 applicant

Get some advice from those guys, real experts in fashion and style, who are always present in the major Italian fashion shows such as Pitti.

Luana De Caro

Luana De Caro

Want to be part of FreshFaces 2014? If you want to be a professional model this is your contest! Learn more about it and apply here.

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