Aleksandra Przybyła: Last year’s Fresh Faces Poland winner modeling in Japan, Italy and Thailand!


Alexandra Przybyła was the winner of last year’s Fresh Faces Poland modeling contest! This young lady (she’s only 18!) has already worked in foreign model markets such as Japan, Italy or Thailand! Keep on ready to find some interesting facts about Fresh Faces and her success as a professional model.


Modelmanagement: How did your modeling career start?
Aleksandra Przybyła:
I was part of the Fresh Faces Poland 2015 modeling contest organized by Maggie Haese, Magteam Models CEO. These contests are a great opportunity for aspiring models, as it’s easy to access it and get exposure to be seen by model experts and industry professionals. Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be a model and was trying to find the way to start. This contest gave me that chance!


MM: Once discovered by MagTeam Models. When and how did you get your first model job?
AP: I got my first contract in Japan! I was very nervous… what if I didn’t get the job!? It was the first time I traveled without my parents, so that helped me become more independent, and I must say it was a great experience! Japan, in my opinion, is one of the best places for new models to start their career, the people there are extremely nice, thanks to which aspiring models have a great support. Working time starts at 4am, so that’s quite hard, but I must say you get great benefits from it.


MM: How is a work day in Japan? 
Work began very early, starting with make-up, hair and styling. Something quite curious which I didn’t know is that they give massages to models before the shoot, they really take care us and the atmosphere was always wonderful.

MM: Any future model plans you can share with us? Where will you have your next model job?
I already have a ticket to Thailand! I’m very curious to see the modeling industry in this county, so far I’ve heard a lot of good things! I’m going to be there with a prestigious agency.

MM: In what market would you mostly want to work in?
In Japan for sure, but would also like to try Europe, maybe London or Paris.

MM: Do you have any favorite models?
Yes, Kendall Jenner. In my opinion she has the perfect face and body.


MM: Do you have a boyfriend?
No (smile) in the modeling industry it’s quite difficult to have a boyfriend.


MM: Do you see a future in the modeling world?
AP: Yes, after graduating from high school I am planning to take a “gap” year. I don’t know what will happen after that, but certainly it will be connected to modeling and I’ll start thinking about collage.

MM: Something positive you got from Japan apart from the modeling experience?
AP: People there are very kind and they are constantly smiling.


MM: Can you describe the fashion style in Japan?
It’s completely different! Something typical in Japan are culotte pants and white socks worn with all kinds of shoes. Also colors – a big variety of colors in all garments.

MM: How did Japanese people react when they first saw you?
They felt I was a “sweetheart” and thought I was 16! They loved my dark eyes and hair.

MM: Any funny anecdotes during your stay in Japan?  
Yes! In the tram you are not allowed to speak on the phone because they prefer this to be a silent place. One day, on my way back home I got in a tram and as I didn’t know, I started speaking on the phone. A lot of people were sleeping and they seemed quite disturbed. Different cultures!


MM: Is there anything in Japan that you would like to move to Poland?
I think their behavior, culture and manners . They have a completely different personality, everyone is very positive. I felt 100% safe there, and never had the feeling that something would happen. Japanese people are very talkative, hard workers, interesting and accurate.


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MM: Something you didn’t like from Japan?
I prefer Polish cuisine. Also, Japanese people slurps when eating noodles and that’s something I would never do.

MM: A photo shoot you mostly remember?
AP: The shoot I did for Elle magazine, because of the interesting styling and the nice atmosphere. Mostly the wedding one – they build a real scenario with guests and even wedding dishes. that was amazing!

Thank you Aleksandra for sharing your experience in the modeling world, it has been a pleasure!
To all these models that are willing to live an experience as Aleksandra’s join the Fresh Faces Poland contest today! This year’s edition is unique because it gives the chance to both male and female aspiring models to be discovered. You can apply directly from here and win a contract with an international model agency as MagTeam models and a lot of other prizes!

Find more information on the competition on the main Fresh Faces Poland Facebook page and website.

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