Alexa Łuczak: Ambassador of Magteam Modeling Agency for Fresh Faces Poland 2016


Alexa Łuczak is a professional model from Poland who was discovered by Magteam Modeling Agency at just 13 years old. After years of hard work and traveling Alexa is now based in Japan fulfilling her successful modeling career. Alexa is ambassador for Fresh Faces Poland 2016 and in an exclusive interview with, Alexa tells us all about her exciting life and career in Japan as well as taking the time to thank Magteam Modeling Agency!


Model Management: What do you like about Japan?
Alexa Łuczak: I feel Japan is an open-minded country which is important in order to spur new ideas and creativity. I like originality and feel it’s an important trait to have and encourage in others.

MM: What difficulties did you face in Japan?
AL: I think it’s difficult to understand the discipline and rules that are only known to the Japanese people.

Alexa Łuczak2


MM: When did you first visit Japan?
AL: I firstly came to Japan when I was 16 years old for my first model contract. After working and modeling elsewhere I came back to Japan when I was 20 years old and I currently still live here.


MM: How would you describe the difference in fashion when comparing fashion in Japan to Europe?
AL: European fashion is more elegant and classic, whereas in Japan everything is more crazy and fresh. There are always crazy ideas for fashion shows, photo shoots etc. I will always remember this one bizarre photo shoot I done for a jewelry campaign and I was put in a whole bucket of glitter!


MM: Do you find many people ask about your nationality or family background as you don’t look typically Polish?
AL: Yes, many people ask me about my nationality, but I am a pure polish girl.

MM: Do you find the Japanese language very difficult to learn?
AL: I think that the Japanese language is difficult to learn, especially when you want to speak and read it. I was lucky enough to learn Japanese with my job and I spent numerous days speaking with Japanese people which has helped me become fluent.


MM: How has your fashion and sense of style changed since moving to Japan?
AL: Before going to Japan my fashion style was very classic, very much like the European trends. My wardrobe was mainly black and white clothes. However, in Japan I definitely feel more free when it comes to fashion and I love wearing crazy colors and unique accessories. For example I recently bought a pair of Hello Kitty earrings and I really love them.


MM: What advice would you give to aspiring models on
AL: Firstly, they should listen to their managers because these are the people who are there to guide you and know more about the fashion industry than anyone. Therefore, it’s very important you choose the right model agency and manager as you want to be able to trust them 100%. I would recommend that you do a model search to help find your perfect modeling agency. This year I am an ambassador for Fresh Faces 2016 model search which is great for beginning models. It really helps young models find their way to starting a modeling career as well as a chance to promote themselves. When I was 13 years old I was discovered by Maggie Haese from Magteam Models and would recommend Magteam Models to anyone. They really are a great agency and have 25 years of experience operating in the fashion industry. If you are participating in Fresh Faces I hope you enjoy the contest and the Fresh Faces model search, good luck!


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