Alexander McQueen | Beauty Never Dies



One year and a half on and with a brilliant new designer on the masthead over at McQueen
and the late fashion genius continues to be loved, remembered and revered by both fashion
and art lovers alike, who with silent tributes, share their love and admiration for the work
and legacy of the great designer.


Alexander McQueen –Lee, to his friends — is not only remembered daily and mentioned
with the utmost respect and admiration by his closest friends — Daphne Guiness refers
to him as an artist in this recent interview with Alex Fury at Nick Knight’s Showstudio
but so do the thousands of people who still remember him every day too and are inspired
by his incredibly beautiful and tremendously creative vision.


Tributes continue to pour by fans and the admiration and love for the designer comes
through with the most beautiful and incredibly moving tributes, like this one here created
by a Tumblr user and shared and loved by many. The post features a fascinating visual
of all of McQueen’s collections, from his very first one to his last one, as well as
some stunning portraits of the designer.

Proof that McQueen, just like beauty, will never die.


All the beautiful McQueen inspired illustrations featured above are by London artist and
Mathew Gooding. You can view the full gallery over at the creative network:

>>Click here to view<<