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You can be a model anywhere in the world, but there are some locations that are better than others. Being a model and shooting in the beautiful Ibiza is a great opportunity, right? This is the story of Andrea, a model who decided to look for a professional photographer on for her most recent shoot. Instead of just sharing the pictures with you, we asked Andrea to share with us her story as a model and her experience during the photo shoot! Read on and see the final result!


Photographer: Arno Lippert
Hair & Make-up artist: Kristin Eichhorn
Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy
Model: Andrea Talamantes






Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Talamantes and I’m 31 years old. has given me the opportunity to speak about my experience as a professional model and explain a bit the life I’ve had till now.


Photographer: Arno Lippert, Hair & Make-up artist: Kristin Eichhorn

I’m from Valencia, Spain, by birth but international by vocation, I like to go anywhere as long as I work on what I like: fashion or anything related.
I studied in Valencia where I graduated in Science of Physical Activity and Sport, once I finished my studies I wanted to know more and decided to specialize in fitness coach on injured athletes and other sports.
Since I finished my university studies and Master I’ve been combining my two passions: FASHION & SPORTS.


Photographer: Arno Lippert, Hair & Make-up artist: Kristin Eichhorn


I’ve traveled extensively both nationally and internationally, working in incredible places like Hong Kong, Milan, Frankfurt, Morocco and India among others.
I started relatively late in the fashion world, but I learned quite fast thanks to the advice of top professionals and by implementing these tips in my daily life.
For me fashion is much more than these repetitive trends or habits that define a period of time; for me it’s a way of seeing life, of expressing and behaving.


Photographer: Arno Lippert, Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy

I always try to give the best of myself and I put all my effort into it. I love to find challenges in my work and I always try to be as professional as possible, so the hours and work I need to invest in it doesn’t scare me.
Behind each job I do there is a lot of hard work and dedication and as such I like to express it through each one.
Thanks to I had the opportunity to work with a great photographer as Arno LippertWe had a unique complicity from the very beginning; it was a fun shoot with some great results, making use of my sexy side.

This profession has given me the opportunity to travel, meet new people and work with top professionals who subsequently have become great friends.
I consider friendship very important, although I also had some odd experiences, I don’t hesitate on considering someone my friend if he or she gets close to me.

Photographer: Arno Lippert, Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy

Photographer: Arno Lippert, Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy

Photographer: Arno Lippert, Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy

Photographer: Arno Lippert, Photo assistant: Emma Kennedy

I would like to thank and Andreas (CEO), for believing in me and the care and treat they always give me, I also want to thank everyone with whom I’ve shared my time: agencies, photographers, make-up artists, hair dresses, and mates that have traveled with me during this dream trip to a magical world of fashion.
Andrea T.

Special thanks to the photographer Arno Lippert, photo assistant Emma Kennedy and hair & make-up artist Kristin Eichhorn. You guys did a great job! Any models looking for professionals in Ibiza? Contact them!


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