Anja Zeidler tells you how to market your model career with social media!


Social Media is a really important tool for models, sometimes it can even be an essential work device. Have you ever thought about promoting your modeling career through social media? How many times did you share a modeling picture on your facebook, twitter or Instagram so your friends, followers or fans could give you an opinion about it? Are you willing to make your modeling career grow thanks to Social Media but you’re not sure where to start from?

Model: Anja Zeidler for FHM Germany Magazine

Now you have the opportunity to meet Anja Zeidler, a self made model who successfully build up a modelling career both online and offline. Find out important tips about Social Media, the does and don’ts and the steps you have to follow in order to start a successful online career as a professional model.

Model: Anja Zeidler

Model Management: At what age and how did you become a model? Was it something you planned or it came by chance?

Anja Zeidler: I had my first photoshooting at 14. It was a birthday present that my aunt booked for me. I remember that I always wanted to be in the spotlight and I was so happy about this present. I was a very energetic kid and when I wanted something I always achieved it, because I fought until the end. I still have this character trait, which is the most important, because this gets me along. When I was around 17 I started to get things more seriously and I must say that I had a lot of luck. Finally, at the age of 18 I got discovered by Pascal Heimlicher.

Model Anja Zeidler, Photographer Pascal Andrew Heimlicher

MM: People say you’re not a typical model, what aspects make you stand out from a typical model?

AZ: I really take this as a compliment, because I don’t wan’t be a typical model. In my opinion the typical models are mostly coat-trees and too skinny. I think the main point I set myself apart with is my super trained and fit body and of course, my tattoos. I also have my own head, which makes me unique. I would say that I come along with my own personality.

Model: Anja Zeidler, Photographer: Pascal Andrew Heimlicher

MM: How did you get your very first job as a model?

AZ: My first real job was for MAXIM. I was very lucky. I took part in a competition for ABARTH, an Italian car manufacturer in which I accomplished 2nd. The Agent from MAXIM sat in the jury, saw me, and contacted me a few days after the competition. He wanted me for the MAXIM Magazine. I was overwhelmed. Only a few months later I made it to FHM with Pascal Heimlicher and I appeared on 6 of their pages. From the day that magazine was out, all the photographers and companies overran me with jobs.

Model: Anja Zeidler for FHM Germany Magazine

MM: How important is for a model to be active in Social Media? Your popularity grew thanks to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or twitter and your personal website?

AZ: It’s true; facebook, Instagram and my homepage are super helpful for me. I get a lot of jobs over social media. I don’t share everything, I like to keep my private life private, but I share a lot about my model-life, so everyone can see what my latest jobs are and where in the world I am. I like this kind of blogging. I think this shows character, because for some people I could seem a bit cooky in pictures. Might be true, I see shootings as a theatrical performance, because you slip into a role and simulate another person. But in real life, I’m simply a crazy girl : D

Model: Anja Zeidler, Photographer: Pascal Andrew Heimlicher

MM: As you are so active in social media we would like to know your opinion about as an online platform that helps models find contacts and build a career in the modelling industry.

AZ: I think it’s great that platforms like this exist. Every girl can have the chance to be discovered and manage herself. I would recommend this to every girl who wants to achieve access to the model market.

Model: Anja Zeidler, Photographer: Patrick Odermatt

MM: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a “public figure” on internet?

AZ: If you are a public figure, everything you do will be published. No matter if you do something cool or something uncool. You should watch out how you appear in public and what you do. People judge faster than you think. If you are smart and good in giving yourself interesting, you can easily use the internet to publish good rates about you. That’s a big advantage because you can “sell” yourself pretty simple on social media. Be aware of all the disadvantages, there are many! For example: Don’t be surprised if a stranger knocks on your door one day. As simple it is to give something price on internet, as simply it is to find out your address or something.

Model: Anja Zeidler for Institute Magazine

MM: You say that “nothing is sexier than a toned, healthy and feminine body”, what you think about the initiative behind of giving opportunities to all kinds of models not only concentrating in the typical model prototype.

AZ: This is perfect. I think that there are a lot of different directions in the model business. You need to find out what your direction will be. Catwalk model? Sorry, then you need to be tall and skinny. Or do you wanna be a bikini model? SO it’s important to have feminine curves. Or do you wan’t to be a Miss? Truth is that most of the photographers look for the typical model type. But also fitness models or for example older people are needed for advertisements. is a great platform for everyone. Every photographer or agency can easily search for his type of model.

Model: Anja Zeidler

MM: Having a blog, website and several profiles on Social Media, did you think about writing a book to give advice to other models that want to follow your steps?

AZ: I really feel flattered if people ask me for advice. I love to help out other girls to start their career or be a motivation for people.  I actually love the idea of writing a book! But don’t forget, I’m not even 20 years old. It would be a bit silly to write a book at that age : D But who knows, perhaps I will do that one day if my interesting and surprising life continues like this.

Model: Anja Zeidler, Photographer: Thomas Nachbur

MM: What are the first steps a model should follow in order to start a career online and maybe one day become as successful as you are?

AZ: First I would love to explain to everyone out there, that there is no recipe to become famous. So many people ask me “Anja, what do I need to do? How did you start?” Honestly, I really have no clue how to start a model career. Most of the girls apply to get accepted at some model agency. I didn’t. As I told you, I always loved to do my own thing. I try everything on my own with hard work. At the end I can look back and be proud of myself. I think nothing is impossible, even the word itself says “ I’m-possible” ; – )

Model: Anja Zeidler

MM: Could you share with us some of your future plans?

AZ: Life is short, you never know when it’s over, so always stay focused on your goals and never stop improving yourself. Most beautiful thing about life is, that you never know what the future brings. It’s full of surprises. Unfortunately not only good ones. But from the bad experiences we learn and grow. My personal future plans are to get better with every day more I’m on this planet. I would never lean back and let myself go. If I can keep that up and it pays off then I won.

Model: Anja Zeidler

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