Ask a model: Interview with Helena about “how to do a professional Make-up”


Makeup is very important in a modelling career, whether it is a casting day, model interview or a shoot! Do you want to know how to look flawless and very natural?

Helena will help you to find out the difference between everyday makeup and a professional makeup for a fashion or beauty shoot by asking the expert Hair and Make-up Artist Kristiana Zaula who will share all the secrets you need to know!
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Interview with Model Helena. 

ModelManagement: How long have you been in the modeling industry?
Helena: I have been modelling since I was a child with many interruptions because of school. It still often feels like the first time but I always have a lot of fun!

Model Helena von Estorff

ModelManagement: The make-up that Kristiana made is flawless. Would you be able to recreate it for your next shoot?
Helena: I think I actually could, since she explained it very well and used simple techniques. She even managed to do it with everyday makeup tools. I will definitely try it for the next ocasion.

Model Helena von Estorff

ModelManagement: In your opinion, what kind of makeup should a model wear for a casting?
Helena: For castings it is important not to wear too much makeup. The client wants to see how you really look like, so it has to be very natural. But they often use bright studio lightning which means that you will need a little bit more coverage than for your daily makeup. I think the look from the tutorial would work perfectly – it covers imperfections, gives the face dimension and is still natural and fresh.

ModelManagement: What is one of your favorite beauty hacks?
Helena: I love blush for any kind of look. It gives your face a more healthy touch and looks like you just came out of the sun.

ModelManagement: What is your favorite Makeup product?
Helena: My favorite product is the multi benefit powder from Alcina. There are four shades of brown that you can use as blush, powder or eyeshadow. I use it for any occasion.

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