Attention Models! The Ultimate Guide to Increase your Popularity and Make a Name for Yourself as a Professional!


Manners are something that we use every day, may it be at the dinner table or on the bus. We use them to make a good impression on the people around us and also to feel good about ourselves. The same should count for photoshoots!


Whether you are an aspiring model or a professional model: One thing that matters is preparation. The rule goes: a great model is a prepared one. Your photographer and clients will thank you for this!

With the following tips, you can make sure to look professional and enhance your brand and career in the long-run and produce photoshoots you can be proud of!


It all starts with Aretha Franklin’s famous word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Understanding that we all have needs, feelings, and thoughts, is the first step for creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

Keep in mind that the photographer has got a lot on his plate: from adjusting his settings, working with creative staff, and being responsible for the whole shoot. Especially if it is their first photoshoot, a model that understands the stress and nervousness can help to make things run more smoothly.


Finding a Photographer

If you haven’t been booked for a shoot but have a great idea for a project or you want to improve your portfolio, don’t worry. You can just head over to and connect with thousands of industry professionals. It’s the perfect platform since it has the biggest selection of photographers worldwide and it enables you to find them while taking a sneak peek at their work by looking at their online profile. Definitely the safest and quickest way of finding the right photographer.


Arranging the Shoot

Once you have been booked or have found a photographer to collaborate, a good habit, in any kind of profession, is to set arrangements regarding time, location, duration, and payment. Sussing out these things after the shoot can get tricky. Be flexible and able to adjust to the photographer’s ideas since they have vision in mind. If you do have remarks to make because of distance or time, communicate those points in a non-demanding and professional way. In the end, the two of you want to work together as a team to create fantastic pictures.


Payment and Image Rights

Models always have the right to guaranteed payment. Nonetheless, if you and the photographer prefer using TFP (Time For Prints), make sure that all the necessary points are covered too: e.g. what type of pictures will you receive, and whether you are allowed to share them with the public. Especially if you want to use them for your portfolio on, ask the photographer if they want their name to be mentioned. Image rights can be a confusing and challenging terrain due to the many laws and regulations.

Extra tip: Don’t write a model contract from scratch if you are unsure about the way to do it. You are bound to feel lost since modeling contracts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Get help from to be on the safe side! 


Being on Time

Nothing can ruin a photoshoot more than a model that is running late for a shoot. Check the location beforehand and make sure that you arrive with ample of time in case you cannot find the spot. It is always better to be somewhere earlier and wait rather than showing up too late.


Clothes and Accessories

Speaking of preparation! Do you need to be wearing a specific outfit or accessory? Make sure to get it well ahead of time or if you have it already, make sure it is washed and clean. The same care is also required for your skincare or makeup if needed. Whether male or female model, make sure to have a pouch with all your necessities such as foundation, concealer, a bronzer, blush, translucent powder for the occasional touch-up. Same counts for a hairbrush, bobby pins, elastics, hairspray, and gel. Also important is skin toned or black underwear. A selection of different undergarments is always helpful since the photographer might have an assortment of different garments that require different underwear.


Friends and Family

Also, if you wish to bring along a friend, partner, or family member for support, be thoughtful and ask the photographer first. They surely will be understanding and welcoming of the idea if it makes you feel more comfortable. And what makes you comfortable makes the pictures look fabulous. A win-win!


During the Shoot

To achieve incredible photos, it is from the utmost importance to be rested and relaxed. Don’t pull and all-nighter or get worked up about the photoshoot. Any bit of tiredness or stress is amplified through a lens. Take care of yourself, eat a balanced meal and have enough sleep. and the model feels as comfortable as possible. As long as you are relaxed, genuine, and professional, the model will be too.

Extra tip: Check out our 10 tricks to instantly look better in pictures to show yourself from the best side!



To make things run smoothly, it is a good idea to turn off your mobile phone – just like you would when you sit down for dinner.



Touching another person without their consent is never a good idea either and should be taken seriously. If; however, a hair strand needs to be moved out from your face, let the photographer do it – only of course, if they have asked you beforehand. If you feel uncomfortable about something don’t be scared to bring it up. The photographer might have just not been aware of it and will thank you for bringing it to their attention.


Taking Care of Basic Needs

Ever got into a grumpy state while on the go due to a grumbling stomach? Yes? Me too.

Be sure to bring bottled water and some healthy snacks that give you energy and are not smelly or make a mess when you eat them. But remember: Never eat while wearing the client’s clothes, or at least cover yourself with a towel to protect them.

Extra tip: If the photographer offers you an alcoholic drink, for whatever reason, politely decline. It is just not professional to be drinking booze on the job.


Interacting with each other

This tip goes hand in hand with the way you address each other. Don’t be too familiar or even worse, make inappropriate jokes. This tip swings both ways!

Bottom Line

And remember, it is not just the look that counts to score a job but also your attitude and professionalism. So, be prepared and thoughtful of the other people working on the shoot. But most importantly, have fun! Nothing makes the pictures look better than you and the photographer having a good time. Be yourself, be professional and considerate. And enjoy the moment when you get to see the final result.