Balloon Madness


The Fashion World and its influence is growing in Croatia everyday and with the help of sites like there’s no chance of it slowing down!

If you are outside of Croatia there’s a chance you have no idea about this fashion filled website and their blog, newfaces [Mag]. This is why you have us at, we will keep you up to date with the cool stuff!

So Novalica is the biggest-  former Yugoslavia – fashion community and they have recently joined forces with us and became OFFICIAL Brand Ambassadors!

The clever folk over at Novalica selected some talented individuals to come together to create their April editorial, BALLOON MADNESS  in order to mark the occassion!

As you can guess there were a lot of balloons!  The shoot was held in the spacious Alfa Film Studio near Zagreb, Croatia. A perfect space to hold 500 balloons, aren’t you glad you weren’t the one to had to blow them all up?!

Now you’d expect me to tell you who shot the shoot well Novalica don’t do things by halves.

They had not one but six talented photographers, Martina Hohnjec, Irina Rinkovec, Mario Župančić, Bojan Zibar, Denis Butorac and Ilija Božić who worked together to make sure the event was well documented!

They were joined by Lidija Palić and Bruno Šakota, who took care of the make up. Dinko Straka, Ana-Marija Hota and Carla Crue who styled hair to be jealous of and  Ivana Opačak who made  sure those nails were just perfect for photos, its all about attention to detail!

With such a filled background and foreground for that matter! The photoshoot needed clothing that would stand out aswell as models that we’re unmissable! The fantastic models chosen for this opportunity were Croatian models  Anamarija Stišćak, Josipa Bračanov, Mina Seferović, Matea Sušac and Ines Rabatić and they rocked the bright designs of  designer  Zoran Aragović ( BiteMyStyle.)

We managed to interupt a really busy Ivan Zebić, the Project Founder  to get a few words from him about the event. Here is what he had to say,

“Keeping in mind the vision of the project, we decided to organize a unique event to celebrate cooperation with, and to introduce this project to our members. Beside this we wanted to give them new ideas,  opportunites and maybe the most important thing inspiration to become better!”

Well we think that the event was a success and will have definetely inspired any viewers of the images to become better in which ever field they are a part of! Let us know your views on the BALLOON MADNESS images! and make sure to go over and check out!