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Best secret shooting locations in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands. If you have ever been to Tenerife before, you know how amazing the landscapes of the island is. Tenerife is a must-see for all nature lovers out there, as it has a remarkable ecological diversity. But the island is not only visited by the people mentioned above, about five million tourists visit Tenerife each year.

Based on these numbers, you can imagine how packed the beaches and well-known places of the islands are once the holidays start. To avoid an intense retouching session, while trying to erase the people in the background of the picture, we will recommend you some less known spots of the island to avoid big groups of people. At last we will also share some general information about housing to help you plan your dream vacation as easy as possible.

  • Playa de Antequera

The first secret spot we want to share with you is a beach called “Playa de Antequera”. This beach is located in the national park “Parque rural de Anaga”, which means a lot of tourists might not want to visit this beach, as it is not as easy accessible as other beaches near their hotel or apartment. Another benefit of this spot is that you are able to either visit the actual beach and arrange a beachwear photoshoot in the ocean, but you can also go to the outlook and take pictures with the beach and the nature in the background.

  • Garachico

The next secret tip we can give you is to visit the small town Garachico in the northern part of the island. The town has multiple picturesque places for a photoshoot, as you can either pose within the beautiful old streets in the center of Garachico, or also visit the natural pools. For this romantic spot, we would advise you to use the first sunlight of the day to snap the perfect shoot of you posing in the natural pools.

  • Mount Teide

If the two spots mentioned above are still not the adventure you have been searching for when planning your vacation in Tenerife, then you might want to focus on this tip. Mount Teide is the volcano in Tenerife, and with its 3,718m it is the highest point of Spain and also the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.

The Teide National Park, which surrounds the volcano itself, belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are interested in visiting this national park, you can decide to either go by a cable car, hiking or also access it with your car. Either way, we promise you an unforgettable time while enjoying this natural wonder.

Do not forget fill up your water reserves before starting your hike, as it can get pretty difficult and it will help prevent dehydration, which can be dangerous.

  • The Masca valley & Los Gigantes

The last two spots we will recommend are again for the more adventurous people out there. If you love hiking, then the Masca Valley is also a must see of Tenerife for you. In the valley itself, you are able to follow the Masca Valley hike for a few hours and you will end up at a secret spot, from which you will have the breathtaking views of the impressive cliff faces of “Los Gigantes”. This magical spot might remind you of the twelve apostles in Australia, but travelling to Tenerife is way cheaper than buying a plane ticket to the other site of the world, correct?

Now that we have shared the secret spots of the island, we will quickly recap the general tips we can give you when planning your vacation on Tenerife:

First of all, you have to consider housing when planning your trip to a completely new destination. If you are looking for a hotel rather than a private apartment, we can recommend you the all-inclusive hotels from Iberostar on Tenerife. This hotel chain has multiple locations located all over the island itself, which is perfect for someone that wants to visit various locations while visiting Tenerife. The benefit of staying with Iberostar is that you are assured the best service during your stay. The hotels also have own pools, which are perfect for a relaxing evening after exploring the island.

Second of all, we recommend renting a car while staying on Tenerife. As soon as you have rented your car, you can independently explore the wonders of the island. The best place to rent a car is directly at the airport, as you have various offers of different companies at one place and you are able to use the car during your whole stay at this dream destination.

If you have not bought your plane tickets to visit this magical island, then now is the time! Pack your bags and mark the secret spots mentioned above on your phone so you can visit them once set foot on the island! If you already visited Tenerife and have more tips to share, mention them in the comments below!



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