Boys are back in the race to be Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012!


Third winner of Not Just Fashion Magazine’s Fashion Photography Contest on puts boys back in the race! Congratulations Ofer Amir and welcome to the next round of the competition!

Based in Finland, Ofer Amir has built a good portfolio of editorial and advertising photography in the fashion industry through magazine publication.

Again, Ofer brings something completely new  to the competition. When we compare him to the previous two winners, Joanna and Polly, we see that his photography style offers a whole new creative perspective and is editorial. He makes use of some dynamic locations, a wide variety of models and combines this with colour, actions, movement and not forgetting fashion!

He has many big brand name clients including Nokia and Coca Cola Finland, and though his studio is based in Helsinki, he travels around the world to meet locations for work with energy and passion.

Ofer has previously won awards for his photography, and so we are extremely pleased to see him go through to the finalist’s round where he can give the girls a run for their money…

I wonder who will make it through this week! You can see the contestants here. Be sure to vote for your favourite!