BreakUpBuddy™ an unstoppable App with a revolutionary idea – Be Single Together!



We’re always on the lookout for trending topics that we know our readers are going to absolutely love, so when we recently stumbled upon breakupbuddy, we just had to share! As the folk at BUB so cleverly summarise: Sometimes it’s not the person we miss, but the company. So true! With breakupbuddy you can continue to do all the things you love, making single life lovable… and that’s what makes BUB so unique. 

BUB is an innovation in the social-media sphere, as it is the ‘other side of dating’ – the first ever support community for the broken-hearted and newly singles. BUB focuses on eliminating ‘break-up blues’ in users by offering real-time events. The chance to now have a virtual best friend and new positive community to find like minded people for support, without the need or stress of dating. It is scientifically proven to increase happiness & decrease loneliness, depression, anxiety & stress within 6 weeks of use.

BUB’s mission is to instantly alleviate the single blues and ‘be single together’. They act as a conduit to bring people together – to socialise, to interact, to start communicating, in real-life. They aim to bring like-minded people closer and as their slogan so clearly states: ‘Be single together’, is their sole intention.

We spoke to Alina the founder and CEO of BUB and as she explains:

“After a break-up we sometimes miss certain aspects of the other’s real-life company. Being able to look into each other’s eyes, hearing nuances of our voices, unravelling each others’ body language, interpreting each others’ messages correctly, sharing stimulating banter – simply experiencing the ineffability of real-life relationships. Most of these experiences are slowly but surely being annihilated by our attachment and dependence on technology and the thereof resulting behaviours. Social networking apps should have granted us more scope to socialise, but this hasn’t worked, has it?


For the times in our lives when we feel out on a limb, alone, solo and itching to meet like-minded people – BUB has a solution at a the click of a button in a sharing and caring way.

Are you single or just tired of being alone? Get a breakupbuddy!


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