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Cacti Are The New Stripes

Take a look on Pinterest then have a browse through an interior blog, or even pop to your nearest coffee shop, it’ll be there too. What are we talking about? The cactus of course. This year is the rise of the cactus, and retailers are ensuring it’s planted, placed, sewn, drawn and printed on anything and everything!

Every summer designers deliver a new graphic, plant-based print. For a while the pineapple dominated, followed shortly after by the watermelon and palm tree, (in fact I think some of us in the office still own some) but the symbol of 2017 is the cactus! So, welcome the new symbol of festivals, youth, freedom, and optimism! The plant certainly has design qualities – they’re easy to simplify and instantly recognisable. Its colours are bright and vibrant and are offset best against a crisp or deep coloured background. From having the plant as a home décor piece to printed images of cacti hanging on the wall expect the pattern of the year to infiltrate many aspects of your life!


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