Capturing Beauty | Photography & Modelling Tips With London Photographer: erik ERXON


As a fashion writer, I get to collaborate with various extremely talented and incredibly fascinating people, amongst them: Illustrators, Artists, Performers, Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Models, Fashion Designers and of course, Photographers; and one of my favourite London photographers is Erik Erxon.


Christoforos Kotentos Fashion Showcase London - Image © erik ERXON

Erik Erxon is a London based professional photographer working in various photography fields including: fashion, beauty, portraiture, headshots, portfolio, events and editorial. When he is not shooting fashion (which is most of the time) he can be found working on other personal photography projects which include: abstractions, minimalism, night photography and architecture.


'Wisdom' Dublin. Berkeley library - Image © erik ERXON

A little while back Erik invited me to accompany him to a behind the scenes fashion shoot at the glamorous Café de Paris in London, where the fabulous fashion designer Anoosh and his amazing and stylish team of gorgeous models and fantastic stylists and make-up artists where hard at work preparing for a show.

The atmosphere was incredibly inspiring, so vibrant and exciting. The models were having their hair and make-up done, the designer Anoosh and fashion icon Julius Reubenwhose personal styles I love! – were checking the outfits on each model to make sure that the pieces looked perfect; whilst a crowd of photographers with their flashing cameras surrounded the models, capturing eagerly each second of the action as the fashion magic unravelled behind the scenes, prior to the show.

Among them, swimming like an expert fish in deep sea waters was Erik, who not only takes amazing photos but also, knows exactly how to move in a crowded, action-packed room without getting in the way, a skill which you must have if you want to be a good fashion photographer –They certainly don’t teach you that at photography school! – I thought, as I watched Erik at work in awe.

Erik is also a fantastic networker, he loves to meet new people and he can always be found at the
best fashion parties and events in London with his beloved camera, capturing all the action. If you
are thinking of becoming a photographer and work in fashion take note, the above skills are definitely
a must!

Boy George 50 Years Young - Image copyright Erik Erxon

Boy George, 50 Years Young. London - Image © erik ERXON

Here is some fabulous advice from the man himself: Erik Erxon, who in this exclusive interview for shares with us a little bit about his background, work and some of his best
photography and modelling tips.


Christoforos Kotentos Fashion Showcase London - Image © erik ERXON

-When did you start taking pictures?
I was eight when I became fixated with capturing my surroundings after receiving my first camera.

-Where do you find inspiration to create your shoots?
I look for the extraordinary in ordinary everyday subjects. Music, depending on the track, bombards me with images. Films inspire lighting to the visual aesthetic of a garment. From local graffiti art to the latest gallery exhibition, whether it be simple or grandiose, a detail no matter how small can inspire.

Erik Erxon 3

Leon Somov & Jazzu - New album "Score" tour | Image © erik ERXON

-Where do you look for models and what is your criteria for choosing them, what do you look for in them?
Websites like and Facebook are great for networking. With every decision in choosing a model, charisma is what stands out to me first and foremost before looks.

-Most photographers find directing the model for a shoot quite challenging at the beginning. How was that for you?
Directing in any capacity is a challenge. Keeping fashion magazines on hand has served well as visual assistance for models who are still in search of narrowing down their best angles and poses. However, it cannot be precisely formulated into words of how to direct as it is primarily an instinctive feeling that guides you.

V - Erik Erxon

Christoforos Kotentos Fashion Showcase London - Image © erik ERXON

-Do you work with a make-up artist or do you do the hair and make-up in your shoots too?
I have a great network of talented make-up and hair artists as I’ve yet to master the technical
aspects of applying make-up and styling hair.

-What camera do you shoot with?
I’m a loyal supporter of Nikon. I use a Nikon D700.

-Which is your favorite lighting technique or the one that you use the most?
Favorite lighting techniques are Film Noir, Caravaggio and Natural.

Erik Erxon - Editorial

Image © erik ERXON

-How would you define your style of photography?
Minimal, classic, vibrant, and experimental.

-What are the challenges of being a photographer?
Finding immense monetary compensation at the beginning and marketing.

-What is your favourite thing about it?
Finding the right light and editing to enhance the beauty of an image.

Erik Erxon 4

Image © erik ERXON

-Which photographers do you admire the work of?
George Hurrell for his use of Film Noir lighting. Gene Kiegel for utilizing cinematography
styles. David LaChapelle for his penchant of using colors. Dave Hill for his ability to
capture unique angles and implement HDR.

-Which is the best photography tip that someone’s ever given you?
To always build a story.

[shoot] Kriss Soonik SS2011 Fashion Show

Kriss Soonik Spring/Summer 2011 Collection launch | Image © erik ERXON

-What would you recommend to someone who wants to become a photographer?
Let passion lead not the desire for fame and fortune.

-As a photographer, what advice would you give to models?
Know your best angles and poses and exude confidence.

IV - Image copyright Erik Erxon

London Fashion Week S/S 2011 - Featuring The Lingerie Collective | Image © erik ERXON

All images copyright © erik ERXON 2011. All rights reserved. For more images and
full credits please click here.

Thank you Erik! – Isn’t he fabulous?!

To know more about Erik Erxon or to get in touch, check out his website and his and Vimity profiles and if you are a photographer too why not join us! At you can search for models, find make-up artists, stylists and network with thousands of fashion industry professionals worldwide. If you are a creative professional too and have a stunning portfolio, check out – the creative network, where you can add the wow factor to your portfolio and network in style at the chicest creative social network. | Are you in?