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Diving into Fashion Film Production with Melissa Espinosa

Meet Melissa Espinosa, a professional producer and director based in New York, United States. After graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Film Production, she started pursuing her career behind the scenes. Up to now, she has already produced and directed numerous fashion films and, on top, she has been part of several TV shows like NBCS’ Shark Hunters and Telemundo’s La Voz Kids. Earlier this year, posted a casting for Melissa as she was looking for models for a new fashion video. In the end, she had a wonderful shooting with Olantha Moran and Charli Fletcher, the two models she found over the online community.

Thanks to Melissa, had the chance to get the result of the shooting and some interesting information about the producer’s work, her passion for film production and her upcoming plans in the near future.

Melissa video

New BAN 2 Melissa, you have a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production. What made you choose this field as your career?
Melissa Espinosa: Ironically, it sort of happened because I had no choice. I had a brief modeling career from ages 14 to 18, during which I was also studying acting. I moved to New York at 17 to further pursue my acting career and studies. After a about a year, I was sort of burnt out and needed something more. I returned home, having made the decision to move to California. However, my parents didn’t agree with that as they wanted me to attend a University and get a degree. As much as I enjoyed acting at that time I viewed a degree in theatrical studies as a waste so I said to myself “Why not learn what goes on behind the scenes?”

Melissa video_b

MM: Why did you decide on fashion filming as one of your main projects?
ME: Fashion in itself is an art it’s formed by an inspiration, someone following his or her vision. Creating a fashion film is about capturing an essence, a mood, and a feeling. Similar to how clothing affects you. You have so much freedom, which in return gives you space to experiment as an artist because there are no rules.

MM: You worked together with to find the right models for your fashion video. How do you feel about the cooperation with the online community?
ME: is definitely a great community to be a part of, everyone involved is very professional and ready to answer any question I could possibly have.

MM: Why did you choose Olantha and Charli as the models for your fashion video?
ME: For “Lower Eastside Barbies” I was looking for contrast. Olantha possesses a strong powerful expression and Charli has a soft doe like expression – and that is what I wanted. Both of the girls were great and I hope to work with them again in the future.

Melissa video_c

MM: You have also worked on a number of TV shows. How would you describe this experience?
ME: Most of my TV experience has been working on reality television. The pre-production stage is my favorite because it’s the most creative; it’s where you really develop the show. During production it’s a bit more hectic: You’re constantly on the move and as in any shoot you’ve got to be prepared for anything and everything.

MM: What would you say is the difference for models when attending a video shoot in comparison to a photo shooting?
ME: During a photo shoot a model always has to be conscious of how their body moves and it’s the same for a fashion video, I would say the main difference when shooting a fashion film is they can’t be shy. It’s like acting, they have to assume a persona. After a photo shoot you can end up with 200 photos of which you can only use 10 or 15. That’s not the case in a fashion film – I personally don’t like shooting more than two takes.

Melissa video_d

MM: What do you love most about your job?
ME: It’s a lot of work to put together a shoot but there’s no better feeling than seeing it all come together.

MM: What can we expect from you in the upcoming future?
ME: I want to challenge myself, so starting in September I want to produce and direct at least one fashion video per month for the next year. is a fantastic platform that allows different creative people to connect and collaborate.
Working with Melissa was a truly wonderful experience. Melissa made me feel very comfortable throughout the shoot, which enabled me to tap into my creative juices and bring her vision of the fashion film to life. Although Melissa was easy going and fun to work with she is immensely professional. We achieved a lot in a short space of time, which was very efficient and productive.
I look forwards to meeting more people like Melissa on I recommend this site to all creative who are serious about their craft.
Model Charli on

For further information and more of Melissa’s great work just visit her website.

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