Enrie Scielzo a.k.a. The LadyBoy – The first Androgynous Blogger


We’ve presented you quite a few of our favorite bloggers in the past weeks, however there is one blog – more importantly – one blogger who caught our attention in a very unique way: Enrie Scielzo a.k.a. The LadyBoy.


Enrie founded The LadyBoy only earlier this year but he is well-known by ModelManagement.com already since 2012 when he applied to Fresh Faces Italy 2012 model contest and came in first place! His quirkiness and daring personality definitely stood out from the crowd – which is what got him to win the contest as well as become fashion editor and contributor for some fashion magazines.


With a real passion for fashion, Enrie is also a successful model. And NOT JUST A MODEL… an androgynous model! Yes, you heard it right – androgynous as the likes of Andrej Pejic (now known as Anreja after the gender change) and Willy Cartier!


Androgynous models such as Enrie really work hard to produce top quality photos – they  have the ability to evoke feminine and masculine all at one go and their challenge is to make the final photo look interesting without it looking too unusual. As I always say, if female or male models work hard to be the best they can be -androgynous models work extra hard. And if female or male models fight every day to stay on top of their competition,  androgynous models fight even harder as they compete in both the male and female fashion industries.


But now, let’s go back to Enrie’s Blog – The LadyBoy!

The LadyBoy is a real fashion guide – as Enrie describes it: “it is an invitation to light-heartedness, to beauty and to be oneself”. You can find anything there from style inspirations, to trends spotted in fashion weeks, as well as product or shopping recommendations.


The great thing is that NOTHING there is mainstream because EVERYTHING Enrie writes about is unique and you won’t find it in other fashion blogs. And another super cool thing is… it is the perfect blog for both female and male fashion lovers! “The world may look more simple and organized if we split it into two different categories, but there’s another whole wonderful universe in between to tell”… And Enrie tells it very well!


Just like every PRO Blogger – The LadyBoy is very well positioned in all social media platforms for you to be able to follow Enrie from your favorite Social Network! From Lookbook.nu to Blog Lovn’ to Chictopia.. Enrie is litterally everywhere!


And how could he not be on ModelManagement.com? 🙂



We are really proud to have Enrie on ModelManagement as iconic androgynous model, and we are incredibly proud of his amazing blog. To all fashion lovers out there, head over to The LadyBoy now… you definitely won’t regret it!!


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