Erik Putzbach: from Model & Public Figure, to Fresh Faces 2013 Jury Member!


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You’ve probably heard about Erik Putzbach before, for his work as a runway and advertising model, as a presenter, collaborator of social events and tv shows or because of his popular luxury lifestyle blog

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

Last October we had the honour to have him as one of our jury members on both Fresh Faces Spain 2013 finals and Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know Erik and find out more about his professional and personal life. Today we give you the chance to read about the fascinating life of Erik Putzback through this interview. Read on!

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

Model Management: In Spain you are a publicly well-known person thanks to your TV collaborations. How did those experiences influence your work and personal life?

Erik Putzbach: My life had a 180º turn when I was discovered to be one of the protagonists of the spanish version of Hit TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” (“El Equipo G”). I never imagined that I would end up working in such a powerful communication medium such as TV. It’s a fascinating world which has many positive aspects, but at the same time it is very competitive, and it’s a world where sometimes it can be hard to gain recognition. Over recent years I’ve lived wonderful experiences through my work as a television presenter and collaborator. However, one must be aware at all times that it is a very unstable profession. But thanks to the education I received from my parents, I have always been able to deal with the ups and downs that are common to experience in the audiovisual sector.

When I became a public figure, I experienced this phenomenon called fame which inevitably  and radically changed both my work and personal life. Since then nothing has been the same. Although there have been tough times and some disappointments, I would not change anything about my career in television.

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

MM: Tell us a bit about your career as an actor! How was your experience of taking part in films directed by top film directors such as Ricardo Bofill?

EP: It’s true, I have been part of several film productions. However, it’s a field that I never took seriously. I did take some acting courses, but soon soon I found out that my actual desire was to be myself instead of playing someone else’s role. But for sure the cinematic experience was exciting and new and most of all it helped me discover the world of cinema from the inside. Working for top directors such as Ricardo Bofill and Luis de la Madrid has been an enriching experience from which I’ve definitely learned a lot from. Today, I do not close the door to future opportunities in the world of acting. As it already happened to me once, my life can take a big twist once again…

Erik Putzbach interviewed forMIGDIA de 8tv

Erik Putzbach in MIGDIA de 8tv

MM: We were honored to have you as one of our jury members at the Fresh Faces Spain 2013 Final and at the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals. Could give your opinion on the models who participated in the contest?

EP: The honor of being part of the jury at both events Fresh Faces 2013 was all mine. I warmly thank you for counting on me to be one of your jury members of such a fantastic contest.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of the participating models. I have been in many other beauty competitions where contestants were not professional models. In Fresh Faces however, only boys and girls with a real chance of becoming models were involved. I must confess that it was not easy being a member of the jury, as they were all perfect candidates to win the contest. The task of choosing only two winners was frankly very difficult.

Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals Jury Members

Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals Jury Members

MM: You’ve been presenter of contests such as Miss and Mister Barcelona among many others; we would like to know your opinion about Fresh Faces model contest.

EP: The Fresh Faces contest seems like a very innovative and creative initiative. It is also very useful, not only for winning models who will launch their international careers, but also for the clients in the fashion sector seeking for the New Faces of tomorrow. It’s the perfect contest in which young models have the opportunity to showcase themselves to the fashion industry without the need to travel or look for agencies who would represent them in different countries. The competition is definitely the right tool to take a big leap into the world of international modeling.

Erik Putzbach Milan Fashion Week by Lucky Fashion

Erik Putzbach Milan Fashion Week – Lucky Fashion by Michele Michelsanti

MM: There are many aspiring models looking for a place in the fashion world and decided to create a profile on How did you start your career as an advertising and catwalk model?

EP: I started to take my first steps in the fashion world at the age of 19. My mother, who worked as a model when she was young, had many contacts and friends in the industry who encouraged me to take professional photos. After entering an agency I immediately started with being featured in TV commercials and walking for various fashion shows. However, my busy University studies forced me put modeling into second place, so I could not dedicate myself to it professionally as much. At that time a lucky streak came my way and I started my career in TV. Since then I have only taken part in catwalks as a celebrity in charity fashion shows.

Creating a profile on is a great idea for all those models who are willing to grow professionally and become known internationally. Having a profile in this site doesn’t ensure them success, but gives them the opportunity to open many new doors.

Erik Putzbach for Reyman Núvis

Erik Putzbach for Reyman Núvis

MM: Could you give some advice to the Fresh Faces 2013 finalists as to the next steps they have to follow after the contest, and the things that they should avoid?

EP: Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to interact with many people from the fashion world. I met a large number of designers, stylists, photographers, agents, bookers and above all, many models. Among them, many were aspiring models or beginners seeking to find a place in this competitive industry.

To the Fresh Faces 2013 finalists, and to all those who have a profile on and who are getting started in the industry, I advise them not to have false expectations. First of all, they have to be realistic and know exactly what they want and where they want to go. Being a model is not a game! It’s a tough profession, and like other professions, it has its pros and cons. The young girls and boys who dream of being models only see the sweet, friendly and bright face of the modeling world, but they forget that there is also a bitter, ungrateful and dark side. The glamorous life of top models who appear in magazines does not correspond to everyday reality. They represent a minority that has come so far thanks to a combination of factors which are rarely given.

Many want to live from their modeling job, but very few succeed. Each day we see an increase on the number of teenage boys and girls who’s dream is to become a top model like Giselle Bundchen and Jon Kortajarena. Well, that‘s an almost impossible dream to reach! Let’s be realistic! If those young aspiring models truly believe that they hold the right physical qualities to work in this industry (angular features, beautiful face, height, proper bone structure, toned bodies …), I advise them to listen to the professionals of the industry and follow the advice that is given to them.

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach interviewed by FTV

MM: What do you think about an online platform like Do you think internet changed the way we find models?

EP: As I mentioned above, both the Fresh Faces contest as are an ideal opportunity for models to make themselves known to the industry without having to travel to other cities or even other countries. Today, the Internet allows us to be in every corner of the world without leaving our house. With one click, we can be in New York, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo. That’s why I think, which collects and stores thousands of models onto the same website, is the perfect way to find the model that best fits the needs of each client. In a single website, photographers, brands, agencies and designers can choose from thousands of candidates the model that better fits them in a simple, quick and inexpensive way! Just like in other economy sectors and industries, is the future in the world of modeling too.

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

MM: You published a great article on your blog called Universolujo. How did you first get the idea of creating your own blog? Do you think that social media is a good strategic approach to promote yourself as a model and achieve industry recognition?

EP: I created Universolujo about 2 years ago. I was already a public figure back then, and therefore I got invited to attend many events, parties, presentations, launches, and social events every week. One day I decided to share all those experiences I lived with all my friends and so I began to write in my blog. Somehow more and more people nurtured interest and wanted to know all about what I did, where I went, who I saw, what I are or what I wore in every occasion. Today I have a big group of faithful social media followers with which I share weekly news  describing everything I feel and experience in my social life.

Thanks to Universolujo, many labels regularly invite me to their events and fashion shows, and many brands send me their garments and products so I can write about them in my blog.

Blogs and social networks have become the best platform to promote oneself, so I also advise aspiring models to create a profile on, as this will give them greater visibility in the fashion industry.

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

MM: Have you ever thought about writing an autobiographical book about your experiences?

EP: Hahaha … I think I’m still too young to write a book about my experiences. However, I do not reject the possibility of doing so in the near future, once I have learnt more and lived more experiences which i can write about. I’m sure that quite a few people would like to discover the secrets of the worlds of television and fashion.

Erik Putzbach

Erik Putzbach

MM: What new projects are working on at the moment? Any in particular that you can share with us?

For personal reasons, I decided a while ago to take things in a more relaxed way. Today, I select the projects that are offered to me very carefully. I reject the proposals that bring less to my experience and choose those that interest me the most. Now I dropped my pace of work in order to prioritize issues in my personal life. However, I’m still very active and busy with my social agenda, because I still attend many events, fashion shows and parties.

My main goal now is to feel good about myself and be happy!

We want to thank Erik for the time he invested in this fascinating interview, and we hope to collaborate with him in future occasions!



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