Essential tips to get the maximum out of your Photography Facebook fan page


Most of you already have a great online presence, there are a lot of sites such as and Vimity where you can share your photography work and promote your latest campaigns and sessions. The question is… how to redirect your followers to all those sites? How to share with your followers your latest work and ultimately find new clients?

Here are our recommended Facebook tips for you to gain more fans and exposure faster! Not only models look for photographers, there is a huge variety of industry professionals such as hair & make-up artists and fashion brands who are looking for a specific photographic style – use Facebook to find them and let them find you through Facebook!

So, the question is: I have a Facebook fan page, what, when & how should I post content in order to get the maximum out of it? Keep on reading and find out!

Mario Testino's Facebook fan page

Mario Testino’s Facebook fan page


The name you use when creating your Facebook fan page is very important, try to keep it professional and include the word Photography in it so people know that you are a photographer right away. For example: David Lopes Photography. 

If you have already included a name for your Facebook fan page and want to change it, you can! On top of your Facebook cover you have the “Edit page” –> “Edit settings” option – go to “Page info” where you will find the option to edit your fan page name.

About you

Use the “Basic Information” to tell your fans a few and relevant things about you!

– Speak about your work and what you’re good at in the about box.

– Share the links to your sites. Don’t have any? Create an account on and and add them.

– Your location (if you have more than one you can always include it in your description)

– Contact information, very important that you include your email address!

fb success

Having your own Photography fan page on Facebook and some content is just the start! Before deciding what is the crucial information your fans want to hear about and what kind of posts sell your photography work, you should know what kind of audience you have out there!

On top of your Facebook cover you have the “See insights” button where you will find all the relevant information about the posts that have been seen the most and the reach you’ve got till now (between other hundreds of things), and it’s worth having a look before starting your new strategy.

fb cover

Think about your work, it’s all about catching your audience’s eye! You want to transmit through the lenses what you feel, the perfect perception through a shadow, or the feeling the viewer should have when seeing one of your shoots. Therefore.. what better than choosing one of your top-looking shoots for your Facebook Cover! When your fans and potential fans visit your Facebook fan page, the first thing they see is your Cover Image! Try and change this picture once a week and surprise them!

Alina from 3mmodels

Alina from 3mmodels

very important

Once you decide what picture you want to use check the size: 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall, so your image looks exactly as it should and no parts are being missed. Include a short text including the model‘s name and professionals involved in the shoot + a link to the complete work!!

Alina from 3mmodels

Alina from 3mmodels


Create a Welcome Tab from where you can invite your fans to your site. Use a very visual landing page and include a short text in it.

Select an image to upload (max size: 810px wide by 1200px tall)

Tab image to upload (size: 111px wide by 74px tall)

Welcome Tab on Facebook

Welcome Tab on Facebook



Some photographers are worried about publishing their photos on Facebook. To avoid this include watermarks in all the pictures you share in your fan page so others can see that you are the photographer even when the image is not seen on your page. Make sure it’s small and in a corner. Big watermarks in the middle of the image don’t look good.

Photographer: Alberto Bruni

Photographer: Alberto Bruni


Be sure to share your best images on Facebook, do a selection and create an album, or chose the best image from the shoot and in the description include the link to see the complete session, that will also redirect your fans to your site as they will be wanting to see more. If you don’t have an official website create an account on This site will give you the opportunity to create albums with all your sessions. Don’t forget to connect your Vimity account with your‘s profile, so all your information will be seen in both sites.

Photographer: Mario Lomas

Photographer: Mario Lomas


The sRGB color is the best one you can use when sharing photos on Facebook, using others such as RGB will make the colors look weak and your image will loose quality.

Photographer Alex Saint

Photographer: Alex Saint


The size you choose for your Image is also very important, try to always upload high quality images.

Facebook wall photos are displayed at a maximum of 403 pixels wide by 504 pixels tall 

Model: Monika Eva on

Model: Monika Eva on

Facebook Photo Viewer Photos are displayed at a maximum of 960 pixels wide by 960 pixels tall

Model: Monika Eva on

Model: Monika Eva on


* Highlight your coolest images! Note: pictures displayed on Facebook when you highlight them have size – 843 pixels wide and 403 pixels tall

Photographer Lynn Romijn

Photographer Lynn Romijn


Always make sure to have the “High Quality” check-box selected so your images have the highest quality possible.

High Quality images on Facebook

High Quality images on Facebook


In order to get more fans to like your Facebook fan page you should share it with your different sites.

* gives you the option to include all your social media links on to your profile.

Photographer Anthony Turano on

Photographer Anthony Turano on


On top of your Facebook cover you have the “Build audience –> Invite friends” option.  Invite all your Facebook friends to like your fan page!


Keep your fan page very active. You should post 2-5 times a day! Your fans want to see your latest work. (Remember to not flood your fans with too many images either, as this might feel like you are spamming their Facebook wall and you may lose fans.)


Not only share the final result of your shoots. You should also share some backstage images of the making off!

Photographer Yuky Lutz

Photographer Yuky Lutz


Are you preparing a new casting or photo session to find the perfect model for your next shoot? Perfect! Create a casting for big or small projects, or a photo session on and share the link with your fans on Facebook with a short description about the work. Note: when you create a casting on you have the possibility to invite models to the casting in order to get tons of applicants!

Post Castings on Facebook

Post Castings on Facebook


Did you shoot a campaign? Share it with your fans! Remember to always  mention the models and professionals involved in the shoot, that will give you even more visibility! And even better.. if you are Facebook friends with one of them, tag their name in the picture and it will show directly on their page!

Photographer: Anthony Turano on Facebook

Photographer: Anthony Turano on Facebook


Post testimonials on your Facebook fan page from current or past customers. Ask models you’ve worked with to leave a review on your‘s profile and later share it with your Facebook community. That will make you gain trust in the industry.

Photographer LeFu on

Photographer LeFu on


Hold a contest specially for your fans and potential fans. You can give away a free photo session, ask your fans to like&share one of your images!


Now that you have an idea of what kind of content will make your Facebook fan page more visible, you should know how to share this content! Having a very visual image is of course one of the most important, but you also have to pay close attention to the text you write for each post.


The text you use for you posts must be short and right to the point. You should ask questions to your fans, make them part of your page, they want to interact with you!


You should include hashtags in all your Facebook posts. Think about the most relevant words you have in the text and include a hashtag (#) in front – for example: #fashionshoot, #modelingjob, #magazine , #photosession etc.

Hashtags on Facebook

Model Anastazja Rendak on Facebook


Remember to ALWAYS mention all the professionals that appear in the pictures you are sharing on Facebook. To mention a page or person you just have to write @ and right after start typing the name of the page – you will see that the name will appear below while you are typing. on Facebook on Facebook

*As mentioned above, if you are Facebook friends with one of the persons in the image tag their name and it will come up in their personal Facebook page!


We know that some photographers don’t have an official website, they might have a Facebook fan page or a blog. If you need a professional site where to share your photography work, which later can be shared on your Facebook fan page, create profiles on and, and link them together!

Anthony Turano on

Anthony Turano on

We are sure those tips will help you increase your Facebook’s fan page visibility and thanks to that get in contact with more potential models and clients!

If you’re looking for more ways to get your work to reach the right target, go a step further and get your marketing covered for a year with a Premium membership on We are here to help you grow and show the world what you are capable of and gain Social Media exposure fast!

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