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Exclusive Interview with Kjell Lampe

We had the chance to have an interview with Kjell Lampe – an aspiring model from Germany.
Kjell tells us about his modeling career, lifestyle and future plans.
 We share his ideas here to help inspiring models to gain more confidence, trust themselves and keep working hard to pursue their dreams.    


Q: Why did you decide to work as a model and what attracts you the most in this career? 

To be honest I never consciously decided to work in this industry. In the beginning, I pursued it just for fun but soon realized how much I enjoy standing in front of the camera. Until today I am amazed every time what great pictures come out of it and how much my passion for modelling is growing. Furthermore, this business gives me the opportunity to live out my passion of travelling as well as meeting new people. It is an amazing opportunity to unite work and fun. Plus I really enjoy the constant challenge that comes with the job.

Q: What are the goals you are pursuing to achieve and what is your self-definition of a successful model?

My biggest goal is to stand in front of the camera for Calvin Klein. I consider the brand itself to be incredibly great and it has a kind of class that I identify with deeply. However, that is just “the one job” I am looking forward to. There are tons of other achievements I would like to reach. The biggest of such is to be known for a certain type of style – a brand on its own. To become someone’s role-model and the reason why someone believed in their dream and started working out or his/her career in modelling is the definition of “successful model”. Greg Plitt is one of those extraordinary examples!


Q: How does help you to build your career as a model? 

The first and very essential step in my career as a model is to create a network and get a lot of experience. That is something you simply cannot get by sitting at home alone and dreaming about it. However, the first step is always the hardest and I had no idea of how to find people for shootings and jobs. That is exactly where MM is stepping up its game! 

It is a wonderful platform to get in contact with professional photographers and companies, especially as a newcomer. I have personally experienced that this is one of the biggest starting difficulties to get into the industry. Therefore I would like to thank you again for your help!

Q: What is your step by step plan to progress in the modelling industry and how do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now?

  • My personal step by step plan is to apply for every casting that comes into question in order to draw attention to myself and my qualities. I wish to thereby make as many contacts as possible because it is never wrong to know as many people in a branch as possible. 
  • Furthermore, getting to know the fine-print of an industry is the second essential thing after a huge network. Therefore putting myself out there in front of as many critics and cameras as possible is the first building block of my career. 
  • If everything goes as planned, in 5-10 years I will be a model in demand for labels like Calvin Klein and the like. I am open to all developments and look forward to the future and to working with as many great people as possible!

Q: Do you have any model idols and what inspires you the most about these people?

Two of my role models are Phillipp Stehler and Andre Hahmann. Despite their success, they have never lost their “down to earth” appearance, which I appreciate very much. This is one of the most valuable aspects of a mindset anyone can create. It is much more inspiring than a good style or a herculean body.

Q: What do you think about the competition in this industry?  

A certain degree of competition is necessary in every industry. Especially in the Fashion industry, some variety is essential because otherwise, it becomes boring when you only see the same models doing the same thing all the time. You have to spice it up! Offer something new, fresh. I always challenge myself on a day to day basis. Therefore, I try to create something new and avoid getting stuck in the comfort zone at all costs. Competition is hard but totally necessary in order to reach the next level and push the boundaries of what is possible.


Q: Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I generally try to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but I change to a very strict diet if I have a shooting or something similar coming up. In these cases, it is not difficult for me to leave out certain foods and pay more attention to myself and my food. However, I never really had any problems with my weight or nutrition, because I am very active. I do very intensive sports in my martial arts where I focus on Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Q: What sorts of clothes/brands do you prefer to shoot for and why?

I’d love to be in front of the camera for sportswear like Nike or Under Amour. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure yet, but I hope to get the chance in the future.
Up until now, I had the best experience while shooting for a high-end suite brand. It was an amazing experience! 


Q: Can you give any tips for those young models who are just in the beginning of their modelling path? 

I often tell myself to just go for it and believe in yourself and your goals! Every person is beautiful and unique in their own way and it always depends on their own charisma! I believe that those models that are considered to be pretty and successful in society are very self-confident and daring. Therefore I’d always say: Be self-confident enough to believe in yourself and your goals and go for it! Even if you get rejected for a job – it offers a valuable lesson to you. Try to stay positive and never ever lose the joy of going to a casting.


Q: What do you consider the toughest aspect of this job?

One of the hardest aspects of the job is the increasing demands on the model and their performance! Models have to take care of themselves and their appearance at all times, which is often a balancing act, but is definitely possible for everyone! Furthermore, I think that for many people it is difficult to deal with possible setbacks. One of the key ingredients is to never lose the joy and fun!


Q: Do you have any experience with criticism? How do you handle it?

Honestly, the hardest critic you will ever face is yourself. Just push yourself from day to day, job to job. Failure is inevitable. No matter who you are or how hard you try you will always fail at some point. So to me, criticism is just a stepping stone in order to become better. Not getting a job or failing without any feedback is much harder. Therefore I try to make the best out of any criticism. Most of the time it comes down to your own choice of how to respond to it. Hence, I try to see it as part of the process and make the best out of it.

Q: How good are you at communicating with people? Do you think it is important for a model to set up professional connections? Any personal tips & tricks?  

I consider myself to be quite communicative, as long as there is no language barrier. But even if there seems to be a barrier at first it often helps to be just open-minded and try to start a fun conversation. My advice: Just go for it! Just try and see where it may lead you.
I think a certain openness towards people and situations is very useful in the industry, because it is so much easier to get to know people. It depends a lot on personal self-confidence. This is also my tip to everyone – trust yourself and don’t let yourself be intimidated by anything or anyone.

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