Exclusive interview with the winner of Fresh Faces Poland 2015: Aleksandra Przybyła!


This is Aleksandra Przybyła – with only 18 years old she is the winner of Fresh Faces Poland 2015 by Magteam Model Managemnent! Discover more about her life and her impressions on Fresh Faces 2015 through this exclusive interview!


Fresh Faces Poland 2015 – Winner Aleksandra Przybyła

MM: When and why did you decide to take part in Fresh Faces Poland 2015 online contest on modelmanagement.com

Aleksandra Przybyła: I decided to compete in Fresh Faces Poland 2015 as soon as I heard about it on social media. I like the fact that the contest is internet-based and active in 30 countries for everyone to have the chance to compete. Also, I like the fact that the World Finals are in Barcelona and organized by Modelmanagement.com! It will give me an amazing international exposure!  This was the first edition of Fresh Faces in Poland and as a new contest it is really fresh!

MM: Did you feel the competition between the polish candidates throughout the competition?

Aleksandra Przybyła: I didn’t feel any competition between models because each of us became very friendly. Our training brought us closer together and I am sure we will stay friends for a long time.


Fresh Faces Poland Finalists 2015


MM: Thanks to Fresh Faces Poland 2015, where did you improve yourself most?

Aleksandra Przybyła: It was a wide experience for me thanks to great choreographer Elzbieta Czaplejewicz I learn how to walk and I learn discipline on runways. I also had a chance to wear dresses of great Polish designers Bartosz Malewicz and Eva Minge. It was really a huge experience for me.

MM: Can you share with us the feeling you felt when you first stepped on the Fresh Faces Poland 2015 Runway?

Aleksandra Przybyła: The very first runway we did on stage was a little stressful but the rest went smooth.


Aleksandra walking in the Fresh Faces Poland 2015 Runway Show

MM: How did your family and friends react to your participation in Fresh Faces 2015? And what did they tell you when you told them you won?

Aleksandra Przybyła: My family was sitting and supporting me with their whole heart. When they found out that I won, they were extremely proud of me. Also all my friends made me a great welcome home as winner of Fresh Faces Poland 2015. At school I received special congratulations from all teachers and friends.

MM: How do you think your life is going to change as the winner of Fresh Faces Poland 2015? Any plans for the future?

Aleksandra Przybyła: I am planning to continue to do what I like within modeling, Fresh Faces Poland contest gave me ability to train as a model and to be recognized in today’s fashion industry not only in Poland but also in NY thanks to the contract I won with Elite NY – it was a great surprise!

1 a zwyciezczyni Fresh Faces

The Fresh Faces Poland Winner of 2015 : Special contract with Elite NY

MM: Based on your experience, would you recommend to other aspiring models to take part in Fresh Faces Poland next year?

Aleksandra Przybyła: Yes because even if a person doesn’t win, they still get the  chance for international exposure and to be noticed. We can not all be a winners at the Grand Finals stage, but in modeling we can, we can all win and pursue a modeling career.

Thank you Aleksandra for sharing your personal experience with our modeling community! We cannot wait to see you rock the modeling industry!

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