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We share with you two of the hottest Fashion blogs you can find right now in Spain!

If you are into fashion, obsessed with the latest trends, always looking for fashion tips, wanting to be the first one to find out the coolest of the coolest you should continue reading!


Noelia Tapia – Freelance Communication & PR


Noelia has over 15 years of experience in the world of communication, developing 12 of them in large companies from different sectors: Fashion, Tourism, Leisure etc. Since 2008 she offers freelance advisory service in Communication and PR in fashion and lifestyle and collaborates as an editor with several media, portals and blogs.

She is also the editor of the blog TaleStrip awarded by the magazine Mujer Hoy (ABC) in the II edition of its MujerIT Awards. Noelia is a strategic and creative person passionate about communication in all its forms.

TaleStrip is a blog that speaks about fashion and lifestyle in a different way, where Noelia gives priority to current and quality content. TaleStrip goes beyond the story, to tell the story. Sometimes with personal anecdotes of everyday curiosities that makes us smile. Fashion, like life, is made up of tales, big or small but tales after all. It all depends on whom and how they tell them so we instantly forget or remember those tales forever.

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Amanda Ramón – Architect 

Something Fashion


Amanda is a 19 year old blogger from Valencia who started with her blog  Something Fashion almost three years ago, and since then, what started as a very part-time hobby has become a hobby to which she dedicates much time a week, between writing articles, editing, photography and others. She also studied architecture, a career that combines well with the blog, with fencing, and the sports she practices!

In Something Fashion, she writes about anything that has to do with fashion, trying to be a source of inspiration and ideas to others, whether through articles with pictures of her where she shows how to combine some items, curious videos about fashion, any news that draws your attention or even tutorials to customize or create new clothes or accessories.

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