Finding the perfect model for your next photo shoot!


You have your next photo shoot and casting all planned out in your head, you know how you want the lighting and the colours. You’ve imagined the poses and how that carefully thought out lighting will work with said poses, you’ve thought about the different angles you’ll shoot from, shutter speeds you’ll experiment with and how great the final images will be. The only problem you’ve got now is finding the perfect model?

The good news is you’re off to the best start to find your next model. Finding a model for your photography projects, clothes fittings, runway show or promotional event has never been easier. Since there are over 330,000 models on, here’s a breakdown of the types of models available and how to begin your search.

Real Life and People This category of models continues to grow in popularity both with aspiring models, brands and consumers. These models are men and women who represent and celebrate everyday men and women! If you’re promoting a product a real life model is a perfect model for you as you can select someone that reflects your target audience.

Fashion models encompass a lot of qualities. In this section, you’ll find commercial models, swimsuit, alternative, catalog models and so on!  These models are real all-rounders with experience across different platforms, making them great for many projects.

Body Parts When you’re looking to sell a ring, necklace, shoe or a whole host of other products, sometimes you want to get close-up shots and don’t require a whole model… kind of. Body part models usually have a part of their body that is exceptionally attractive e.g. hands, feet, or legs! They’re ready to be in your next commercial or photo shoot and to make your product shine!

Plus Sized Diversity is key in the modeling industry today and so are healthy, beautiful bodies. You’ll discover over 3000 male and female models that define themselves as Plus-Sized within our database. Explore their impressive portfolios, follow their profiles or request to book them all through our website.

Senior Modelling isn’t restricted by age anymore and nor should it be. Within the MM website, you’ll find senior models that specialize in all the areas of modeling that our younger models do too! Be it high fashion, commercial, body parts or real life, there are amazing senior models ready to strike a pose for your photo shoot.

High Fashion  The classic model category, high fashion. Here you’ll find the traditional characteristics of fashion models, meaning tall (min. 5ft 9 for women and 5ft 11 for men) and slender. High fashion models can work a runway or camera like nobodies business.

Start your search now! Head on over to our model image search page, it’s super simple to use! If you’re looking for model inspiration simply select your country and city, then let the search results inspire you. If you have specific requirements, you are able to select gender, an age, and height range and one of the model categories! As many of the models on our website work across categories, you can further refine your search by also selecting from the list of disciplines. With our database of aspiring, passionate and premium models, you’re certain to find the perfect model for your next project on