Five Minutes With… Vishal Kullarwar!


The Fresh Faces Modelling Contest has been launched in India with a Special name of “New Faces 2013”  so we found a fantastic photographer from India. Vishal Kullarwar is on top of his game working with companies such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan and even Poland’s Next top Model! Vishal found time in his busy schedule to tell us a few things about himself , check it out!

ModelManagement: Where? When? why? Did you get your first camera.

Vishal Kullarwar: My first camera was handed down to me by my  father. It was a work horse – Nikon FM2. At that time I was in Design School. And I used it for all my assigments.Looking back at the experience, I can proudly say I love old cameras. Its a different kick altogether when one is shooting with an analog. The film loading, waiting to see the developed roll and the altercations of the final images. To keep my love for old cameras, I got myself a Hasselblad 500CM to shoot with a digital back. So I get the best of both worlds!

MM: Favourite type of photography?

VK: Fashion & Beauty … Even though the type is extremely glamorous,  it needs the vision to make that one single still frame powerful enough to exactly communicate what is needed to be said and it needs extremely good people skills. It’s a challenge  on varied levels and each assignment I love to creatively challenge myself.

MM: If you could photograph any one, dead or alive, who would it be? and how would the shoot be?

VK: I guess it would be out and out Marilyn Monroe. It’s kind an obvious first choice and the reply might seem cliché but I can visualise capturing the mysterious eternal beauty in her retro look in simple black and white.

MM: Give us a tip about photography!

VK: Its all about observing. See what is around. Nature gives you a lot of inspiration to create magic. For me movies are a lot of inspiration. Watching movies ‘Sensible ones’ gives a lot of ideas – the composition, the lighting, the thought behind every frame, etc. In photography curiosity never kills the cat!

MM: The World’s best photographer is…?

VK: Richard Avedon. His portraits shot using ‘Northern Light’ in his New York Studio were just inspirational.

MM: The best fashion model is…?

VK: I’ll give it to Kate Moss.

MM: Music or Film?

VK: I wont pick but I’ll say both. Music I love, Film I will make!

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