France has now its Top-Voted Model!


The Fresh Faces 2014 model contest is over but until we wait for the 2015 edition, we present you another Top-Voted Model: Isaac – this french 18 year-old aspiring model succeeded to collect 3455 votes. Discover him through this interview!


ModelManagement: How does it feel to be the most voted model in your Fresh Faces country ?

Isaac: I’m happy to be top voted model of Fresh Faces 2014 France, and I thank all of those who supported me, in particular  professionals of the modelling industry (Models, agencies, photographers) and others (Journalists and Bloggers). I’m happy to have met others contestants of the worldwide voting, become friendly with them, because the most important thing is to participated and to be identified like a Fresh Face.

ModelManagement: Who is your idol in the modelling industry ? Why ?

Isaac: David Gandy because he is the Men’s Fashion icon, charismatic and elegant., Like David Gandy, Shemar Moore, the “Criminl Minds” actor is an idol too, like Malcom in The Young and the Restless, who started like his career as a model and continued to be an actor.



ModelManagement: What are your hobbies ?

Isaac: I practice a lot of Sports, some music and reading, I do a lot of castings and artistic contests.

ModelManagement: What is your dream ?

Isaac: I dream to become a model, actor and designer, discover the world and contribute to art’s emancipation.

ModelManagement: What are your projects for the future ?

Isaac: I want to finish my arts degree, to have a designer’s status, have more experience in the modelling and movie industries to become model and actor.


ModelManagement: When and how have you decided to become a model ?

Isaac: Since the age of eight, I had some fluency in front of camera or movie’s camera, studio, films sets, castings and staff. After the age of 16, when my body developed and I grew up, photographers told me «You’re a really photogenic person» and so I decided to become a professional model.

ModelManagement: What do you believe is the key to success for a model ?

Isaac: The key to success for a model is elegance, sensitiveness, listening, charisma, simplicity, art and love for beauty. Also, it’s important to be available for professionals of the industry.

ModelManagement: How have you known ModelManagement ?

Isaac: When I wanted to take part in the famous Elite model contest, I found Fresh faces 2014, so after having seen pictures and blog posts since its launch, I decided to sign up and told about it to everybody who wanted support me, because Unity in strength!

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