Frank Nader’s pictures will let you speechless!


Frank Nader is a Swiss photographer attracted by art and photography since his childhood so it’s not a surprise he became a talented and recognize photographer! He is influenced by his youth in Liberia and the traveling he did and had several expositions thanks to his photo shoots in Cuba! Frank obviously loves photography but also his shepard dog, music, food & cigar.

Discover the cool interview we did with Frank Nader!


Photography by Frank Nader

ModelManagement: How did you know photography was your vocation?

Frank Nader: First, I wanted to be an art director and illustrator and went to the School of Graphic Arts…during this time photography, touched me a lot more, because it’s “always” real, a moment and a document of life.


Photography by Frank Nader

MM: How did your childhood in Liberia inspire your work?

FN: I guess, growing up in a total different country than Switzerland, made me open minded…but also to keep my eyes open 😉

MM: Your photos of Cuba are splendid! Why did you choose to shoot on this island? Do you have an anecdote about it?

FN: To be honest, I was there on vacation for 3 weeks and had my cameras on me, 24/7. I wanted to experience a different culture…it was very interesting to see how the people get along and live over there. I love to travel…it inspires me a lot!


Photography by Frank Nader


MM: Do you have an unforgettable memory from one of your photo shoots?

FN: Yes, but it’s top secret 😉

MM: You are part of’s Close-up Magazine, what advantages do you find on being part of a Magazine like this one? 

FN: I’ve received quite some emails from all over the world, so far…positive feedback… we will see 🙂


Photography by Frank Nader

MM: You’ve worked with famous brand, including Mercedes and Swatch! Could you give other photographers some tips on how to stay successful in the industry? 

FN: As a photographer, one always has to be on the run and one also needs luck…”have the right connections”. Photography is a matter of taste, like music, art, movies, etc. Anybody can like or dislike your photos!


Swatch by Frank Nader

MM: On which social media people can view your work?

FN: Till now, I have my homepage. Other medias will follow soon!


Thank you Frank Nader for this interview! You made us travel all over the world… Check regularly his website to be informed of Frank’s latest photo shoots!

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