Fresh Faces Benelux Applicant Kim Fraenk knows how to deal with the modeling industry…


Photography Jaiwey Nuij

Ever met a 18 year old girl who markets herself as an independent model by using Social Media? Then you have to know more about Kim Fraenk, also known as Gail Milani on facebook! A couple weeks ago Kim Fraenk applied for Fresh Faces Benelux 2013 in association with EGO´S Models on and we found out that she´s not just a aspiring model who wants to make it, but a business woman as well.

And to understand the modeling business at such a young age is already a winner by itself. We wanted to know more about this girl and spoke with her about her thougts about making it in the modeling industry. She shares with you her views of becoming an professional model and using social media as a great tool to reach this goal!

AFW July´13 at MaryMe-JimmyPaul by Peter Stigter

ModelManagement: Give us a nice introduction about yourself.. When and why have you decided to become a model?

Kim Fraenk: My name is Kim Fraenk also known as Gail Milani on facebook. I live in Amsterdam since I was 13 years old. I am originally from Suriname, South America. I am also a student and i study Event management in Amsterdam. I am finally in my last year and am hoping to do more modeling after school. Since I was a child I always liked taking pictures. But I always took the kind of pictures that would drive people crazy. In 2 words CRAZY FACES. But I think that was because I was still young.

AFW Backstage Jan´13 at FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN by Mike van der Ent

When I moved here in Amsterdam I started doing research on modeling and stuff like that. I started to like it, because i always liked taking pictures. A few years later i started to focus on my portfolio how to get on a level where i can’t be called an amateur but a model in the making. It takes a lot of focus, but if you really want it, you can do it and get there.

Random shot on a sunny day by Jaiwey Nuij

MM: You are a really active model in social media, having your own Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter Account! What added value do you see in having these social media networks when promoting your modeling career?

K: Social media is the best network and promoting method for every model or business person. There are a lot of companies using different social media pages to promote their website or company. It is also the best way to keep fans or other interested people up to date.

Gail Milani Twitter Account

I love to post pictures of myself on Facebook because I like to share them with others. Social media is also an ideal method to meet new people from the industry, think about photographers, make up artists, stylists and more. You never know what they are good for!

Gail Milani Facebook Fan Page

MM: And.. have you had some people contacting you via Social Media platforms for a job?

K: Many people contacted me on social media to work with them. but unfortunately  I am not that easy to work with. I mean I have no complaint about working as a model, but I mean I am a little bit picky who to work with. I always take a good look at people’s previous work. especially photographers. Some photographers in Holland only wants to work with good models to develop a hobby they don’t have skills for. I prefer working with photographers that are high fashion and that work on a professional skilled base. I always tell models with great potential to be careful who they work with. Because a photoshoot takes time and if you work with the wrong people it´s a waist of time and it delivers a bad portfolio for them.

Marrakech at night By Nancy Schoenmakers

MM: Why did you decide to apply for Fresh Faces Benelux 2013? What do you think about the contest so far?

K: I decided to enter the competition because for me it’s a good way to find a modeling agency. I am a working model without an agency. For me it’s extra hard to find an agency who wants me, also because I am a black model. In Holland they often give black models the chance to be a top model because out here they prefer a new Lara Stone or a new Doutzen Kroes. They always say that they are looking for new and different faces but always end up with the same type of girl. I think the reason for that is that it Sells. But black colored models sell as well. I mean top model of the world is Joan Smalls at the moment, if she can do it every potential black model can be on the top. Here in Holland they barely give a chance but in Paris, Milan or New York it’s different. I want to chance that in Holland, bring a real different instead of the same thing. I hope I get that chance.

Photography Mike van der Ent

MM: You are doing a really great job by collecting so many votes! How are you getting so many people voting for you? Any tip?

K: Yes I am. I have many friends on facebook or twitter. Most of them who know me also know that I really want to work as a model in life. They see my work and know it’s not amateurish. I stalk all my friend to vote on me.  I Mean it only takes 2 seconds to vote and they can vote every day. If they love me or like my work they can also support me.

Tips: Well Just stalk your friends to vote, if they are really your friends they will vote on you. Use your network!

Gail Milani by Jaiwey Nuij in Fresh Faces Benelux 2013 Height: 5'9 Measurements : 33-23-35 (US); 81-59-88 (EU) Dress size: 34 (EU), 2/4 (US) Shoe size: 9 (US)

MM: Any plans for the future that you would like to share with our modeling network?

K: No not really , I really would like to say to the world that, if you work hard for something it will pay off sooner or later. Just never give up, especially when so many people believe in you. Don’t give up hope on your dreams.  I tell that to myself and to many other people. Giving up is not an option if I can keep my head up and so can you.

I will keep you guys up to date if something special comes up!!

Photography Jaiwey Nuij

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