Fresh Faces Tattoo – A Worldwide Modeling Contest You Need To Know About



FRESH FACES is one of the biggest international modeling contests and this year’s edition is very special: FRESH FACES TATTOO – for all our beloved inked-up members.

Since personal expression is one of the hottest topics in the model and advertising industry at the moment; we from believe that nothing tells a more powerful story in that context than a tattoo. With this contest, we want to celebrate the rebellious lifestyle, the creativeness, and the edgy voice of individuals who choose to make Ink their life.

FRESH FACES TATTOO is the international modeling contest to discover the freshest and hippest tattooed model talents from around the globe.


This is the chance for all of our members to maximize their success and live the model life they have always dreamed of. Our former FRESH FACES winner Sita Abellán, for example, got featured in Rihanna’s BBHM music video, while one of our finalists from the latest FRESH FACES contest, Aleksandra Przybyla was featured in LNE magazine.

Participating at this contest and having your face be seen by industry professionals and the media, will allow you to really kickstart your career due to the high amount of social media exposure and the popularity of this contest.

So, don’t wait any longer and participate now at the world’s biggest tattoo model contest!