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Rebecca von Rehn is a German photographer who is based in South Africa with a remarkable passion for wedding photography. Rebecca is in constant search for ‘real’ looking couples for her upcoming shoots and this can prove to be challenging at times… but luckily was there to help! The team recognized Rebecca’s impressive work and therefore helped her find the perfect couple by posting a casting. An applicant who caught Rebecca’s eye was Rudi – a model and gym instructor from Cape Town. After seeing pictures of Rudi Witkowsky and his girlfriend Victoria Botha, Rebecca instantly fell in love with the couple’s natural beauty, uniqueness and charm. After a hard but successful day of shooting Rebecca captured some stunning pictures of the cute couple. Hard work really does pay off as Rebecca’s remarkable pictures of Rudi and Victoria were featured in Hochzeitswahn and in the German Cosmopolitan. got the chance to ask Rebecca more about this amazing opportunity, so, go on and have a read about Rebecca von Rehn’s photography success!


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

Model Management: Hi Rebecca. Thank you a lot for sharing your time with us. How would you describe the style of your photography?
Rebecca von Rehn: Cinematographic, modern documentary, sceni. That is what people tell me. 🙂


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: Why are you so passionate about wedding photography – how did that happen?
RR: I have been a stylist/art director for many years. I got a little tired of fashion but got more and more interested to do my own stuff. I was looking for a field where I could combine all I have learned. My friend is a wedding planner, so he asked me “Why don’t you try wedding?”. I love shooting weddings. You got to be a real photographer with some decent skills. You got to handle all light situations in any given moment and present a consistent look throughout the entire day! In the Fashion industry you work for the dustbin, so to say, no one really cares about your pictures. Old and done after only one month. In wedding, you produce memories of a lifetime. These pictures are valued over generations to come and cherished by many! I love that and also I am a real girl 🙂 it’s your flipping best day of your life! I work for love, there is nothing better, so much fun!


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

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MM: Tell us about the experience of collaborating with an online platform as How was the photo shoot?
RR: Pia from the castings department contacted me because she liked my work. That itself was so nice. To be approached and seen. I told her that I want to bring fashion into wedding photography, stir the whole thing up a bit and give it a new angle. I was looking for couples. I always do, but I am such a bad networker, so she offered me help in doing a casting! Magical, 2 days later we had one 😉 It was such a nice correspondence. I am really thankful for the quick help.


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: Victoria the model who has applied online with her boyfriend for your shoot has blue hair. Did you ever expect do have a wedding shoot with a blue-haired model?
RR: No, not at all, but I am an artist. I can see beyond these things. I saw the “special” potential immediately and to be honest I do not even recognize her blue hair anymore. It became so normal! On the beach people kept standing and watching in awe, saying, “wow she looks like a modern mermaid”, so cute! I love the hair, when you get to know her, it fits perfectly.


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: Do you see it as an enrichment that every type of model can apply online on for a casting as it may happen that you find a type of model you did not expect before but who fits perfectly for the shoot (like in this case Victoria)?
RR: We are too fixed on computer-like faces, that, for me it is not reality. I am looking for character faces with some edge and realness. You know, catalogue models, they all look the same. You do not remember one single face! But the one with the big mouth, the strange eyes and the crocked nose you will remember! That is where the real, unique beauty starts. I think that everyone is a model, from the minute they are in front of a camera. Beauty in the advertising industry is a bit overrated. is a great place to cast and give other kind of beauties the opportunity to try and have fun with it!


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: Rudi and Victoria are amazing together. Not only in our opinion. After your work has been published on the German wedding blog “Hochzeitswahn” the German Cosmopolitan also noticed it and published an article about them and called the shoot “the sweetest couple shoot ever”.  What do you think makes the shoot and this couple so special?
RR: Haha, I was also surprised about that feedback and so honored! I guess it is the uniqueness of all – I really had them working hard that day and they had me working – we had a 3 hours fitting as I wanted to get something wedding related but also something cool. So we had to find clothes that best reflected them, so that they felt good in their style! It took us a while.  And of course the blue hair and the beauty of them, too. But in the end, it is the vibe and the love and the fun. It is a collective achievement and of course the Cape Town light. We worked hard but we also had so much fun that day and I guess from the photo shoot that’s clearly visible!


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: In general, how do you think can help photographers in their day-to-day business?
RR: I am just learning that networking and having a kind of relation to some key people like Pia from ModelManagement is important. The internet is the melting pot of worldwide information. So a platform like this is helpful to all, photographers /models, especially the ones that are not in the high-end agencies. I recommend anyone to get a profile and check it out. I am honored even to do this interview, you guys are so professional and cool, that is exactly the people I want to network with, fast, professional, reliable and cool :)- thank you Pia, you rock! More good stuff to come soon.


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

MM: Thank you Rebecca. You also rock! Rudi, you applied for this casting on How was the shoot with Rebecca?
Rudi: I would like to thank Rebecca for her amazing photography. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is such a friendly person. We met up for coffee and she welcomed us with open arms. After the job, it felt as though we made a new friend and not just met a new photographer. She really provides you with awesome guidance and ensures that you always feel comfortable before the shoot.


Images by Rebecca von Rehn

Thanks to Rebecca von Rehn for this giving us an insight of her passion for wedding photography and her photo shoot with Rudi and Victoria.
Visit Rebecca’s website to see the rest of her incredible work!


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