From South Africa with (trendy) Love


Whenever we think about South Africa we think MandelaCharlize Theron and Candice Swanepoel. But that’s not all …! Today, I decided to honor South Africa and meet 3 of its bloggers. 3 people, 3 blogs, 3 universes … Julie, Jerri and Carla, our 3 favorite south african bloggers let us into their worlds and showed us their passion for fashion and style! Ready for the journey???

1. From Nairobi with Julie

julie 1 bis

Let’s fly with Julie

So, our first stop take us to Nairobi to meet the wonder-woman of style: Julie!

But who is Julie?  Julie is a Kenyan who has adopted South Africa… and South Africa adopted her too! 20 years old, student in architecture, Julie bloggs since 3 years and since then she surprises us with her colorful and vibrant world!!

julie blog

Julie’s blog and her post about Fresh Faces contest 2014

Her motto? “Emphasizing your best features and in all colours enthralled by your most beautiful essence’’!

julie 2

Fairy Julie…

Her style? Julie is an adventuress flying over the rainbow of fashion and the design world.

julie 3

Sea, sun and …Julie

Her style is eclectic, colorful and fresh. She is like a magician of style with the ability of transporting us into an inspiring, trendy and unique world. And as this wasn’t enough, Julie is also a model! She poses from the age of 16 and decided to join our Fresh Faces contest in South Africa. Since then, she has also been featured on our Facebook page as all of us at Modelmanagement LOVED her red outfit!

julie MM

Julie’s page on Modelmanagement

You just cannot miss her profile! go have a look how amazing July is and support her by  votes! Good luck pretty Julie!

2. From Johannesburg with Jerri

For our second stop we visit Johannesburg and Jerri. I fell in love with Jerri’s style, Jerri’s blog…  basically I just fell in…Jerri!

jerri blog post

Jerri’s blog and his post about Fresh Faces contest

Since then, Jerri became my Valentine South African blog, That boy is a machine of style and imagination…Unusual outfits; he dares and poses for the pleasure of (our) eyes! But who is Jerri!? Jerri Mokgofe is a South African fashion curator: stylist, publicist and blogger best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, modelling agencies, advertising agencies, and magazine editors.

jerri 1

Who’s that boy behind Jerri?

Fresh Faces Banner

jerri 2

What Jerri inspire you? He is soooo fresh

His style? According to Jasson Alexander Basson from GQ Magazine South Africa :  “His personal style is often viewed as borderline eccentric, but this boy has an immaculate sense of balance. He’s not afraid to experiment, but is certainly never ridiculous. He is moving into exciting new territories that will redefine contemporary masculinity,and encourages men to embrace bold prints, colours, texture and silhouette.” – and frankly, I could not agree more!


So Chic, So Jerri!

3. From Cape Town with Carla

After Nairobi and Joannesbourg let’s go for a ride on the side of  Cape Town, our third and last stop, and meet  Blogger-sweetheart Carla.

who is carla

Welcome into CARLA’s world

But who is Carla?
In addition to being the owner of a digital marketing agency called Twenty3Media, Carla blogs since 4 years now!

blog carla

Carla’s blog post about Fresh Faces contest 2014

Carla loves to share her ourfits, thoughts and lifestyle! She likes travelling and exploring new places, reading, shopping and trying new recipes.

carla style 3

Indiana Jones would fall in love!

Her style?  Carla’s style is simple and sincere. She has this capacity to mix a casual and refined item and being so trendy! She would rather invest in a classic item than jump on the next trend wagon. She likes to combine conventional pieces to trendy ones and dressing up in different ways for different events.

carla style

Skirt, Heels and Graphittis! So easy!

I guess this is the end of our South African bloggers voyage! Goodbye South Africa and thank you Julie, thank you Jerri, thank you Carla for this magical ride! Do you want to keep exploring or even dare new trends? Want to discover originality or even rediscover simplicity? As the saying goes it is the detail that makes the difference… so make sure to follow Julie, Jerri and Carla as I can tell you for sure that their stylish details definitely make the difference!

And don’t forget to apply to our Fresh Faces South Africa 2014 Contest if you want to become the next modeling sensation!

Video by Vidzor


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